Waxing Moon, Cross Quarter, Lions Gate

08.08.2022 in moon&sky

Greeting… Cross Quarter, Waxing Moon & Lions Gate 88


….wisdom, freedom, illumination


Lots of transformational energies about. Cross Quarter* yesterday (half way between Solstice and Equinox, exact @0536), Lions Gate 88 today, and Aqua Full Moon in a few days (Aug11 @1836 pdt)…


It is a time to tune to the shift in season. Here in the North, although summer is still here, there’s a shift in the scent of the air and a coolness in the evenings. The land is golden and Bear is watching for Blackberries to ripen. It’s a time of harvest, and a time to honour Earth’s abundance.


quarius soon, it is a powerful time for clearing out old, distorted stories and leaving the past behind. Time to re-activate forgotten wisdom. Time for receiving energetic upgrades. Time to rebirth Spirit energy. Time for illumination. Time for unifying physical and spiritual realms. And time to embrace uniqueness and freedom. Ahhh…. Time to embody the strength, wisdom and confidence of our most radiant selves. And time always to…


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light

May you feel uniquely inspired,
expansively free, and
exquisitely radiant this Moon



* The actual astronomical cross-quarter day and time varies from year to year. This year, it was Aug 5 @0536 pdt. Realted festivals and celebrations now tend to occur by the Gregorian calendar and by tradition on Aug 1/2. Lammas is celebrated in the North; Imbolc in the South.









IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Lion Sculpture: cut & modified image of Loet Vanderveen sculptor found at Live Auctioneers | Blue gates: Cut & modified from image found on travel site. No orig source found

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Solstice times

21.06.2022 in moon&sky, turnings

Greeting Solstice & Sun in Cancer (exact 220621 @0213 PDT) + waning Moon


… pause. reflect. harmonize …


Today is the longest day of the year in the north; in the south it is the longest night. No matter where we be, it is time to Celebrate the Light!


Solstice is the time when light and dark, in the north and the south, are in a kind of ‘peak’ balance. It’s a time to unify heart and mind; and to harmonize dualities. It is also a time when the veil between the spiritual and material worlds is thin; a time when Spirit connection is attained with greater ease. It is believed that Earth’s entire energy grid comes into harmony, and that Earth’s healing powers are strongest at this time. It is a poignant time to pause.


Solstice, Cancer Sun, and waning Moon, all call us inward. Time to reflect, review, release, revise and realign. Solstice asks us to delve deeply into who we are and where we want to be going. Cancer Sun brings compassion, sensitivity, unconditional love and deep nurture. Cancer urges us to flow into the Waters and to focus on self-care. By drawing on Cancer’s gifts, we can better align with Earth’s healing powers; our powers for self-healing are also strong at this time (Chiron-Aries).


Moon now in Aries (yesterday @2037pdt, just hours before Solstice exact) brings boldness and fearlessness. Moon and Sun together meld assertiveness and compassion; bold action and deep caring; and they help us create balance and peace. There’s also a stellium in Aries.The powers of the stellium planets (Moon, Chiron, Jupiter and Mars) come together as one force; feeling, healing, expansion and action all align and merge. This force helps us to step into our own power; and to stay true, in heart, mind and action, to what we value.


It is time to look into the dark and into the light. Time to go with the flow and to tend inner fire. Time to connect with source and flow into grace-filled space. Time to tune to all that warms heart and Spirit. Time to deeply feel the completeness of home within. Time to to align your heart beat to the thrum of the Earth. Time to Celebrate the Light! And time, always, to …


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you be filled to with Spirit’s Blessings
and all the gifts of Earth & Cosmos
resident in You and all you Be










IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted

Main Image: Sun banner: From Cypress Hill Grasslands Destination Tourism (link N/A) | Iris: bottom right: from Iris in Canada Society blog; bottom left: from QVC OL shop; top left/right from Lovingly Flowers & Gifts

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Website Display Problems

19.06.2022 in Uncategorized

Some recent system upgrades resulted in the site not loading. The site now loads but the ‘upgrades’ also have caused problems with the display of the website.

Except for what’s contained inside a post, Logo, wordmarks and all colours have now been lost/turned black. The image here is how it’s supposed to look.

I have made several attempts to have this fixed in the last few days but host has thus far been unable to correct the problem so, for now, I’m moving on in this ‘black site.

You can still access the content and posts no problem. Will continue to work to resolve once the most recent posting is complete.

Thanks for your understanding.
Hugs and purrs

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Moon Dark-new in Taurus, Eclipse and Cross-Quarter Soon

01.05.2022 in moon&sky, turnings

Greeting Moon Dark-New (exact @1328 PDT) in Taurus + Eclipse Season & Cross Quarter soon


… root, flow, embody, rebirth…


Moon dark-new marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle; and the co-occurring partial solar eclipse opens the portal to Eclipse season. Together they bring a mix of energies and energetic fields; and both challenge and opportunity. Although this might make for some volatility, gentle, nurturing, abundance energy (Taurus +Venus-Jup); and support for inward reflection (8/11 planets in feminine signs) will soften the effect. It’s time to root and flow (4 planets in Earth signs; 4 in Water); to open to change; and to transform our ways of Being.


As always, Moon dark-new invites us to rise from the dark and begin anew. In Taurus we are called to go slow; connect with nature & natural rhythms; revel in the senses and all that feels of Being ‘at home’; and enjoy all that is available in the present moment. Taurus season brings strength, stability, practicality, patience, simplicity, abundance, and deep nurture to the field. She brings us closer to our purpose and sense of destiny; and helps bring visions into form. Time to simplify, become more in-bodied, and to take ease more seriously ;). It’s time for re-birth.


The eclipse/eclipse season helps us to release, cleanse, break-through, and transform. Change, liberation, and opportunity are core themes of this eclipse and the season overall. We may be inspired to try something new, or change direction dramatically. As the season progresses, timelines may accelerate and things could happen very quickly (esp w Uranus in play). Together with Moon, we are called to shift. It’s time to shed the old and step into the new.


Cross Quarter
Now is also a time of festivals and celebrations. We are approaching the midpoint between Equinox and Solstice (exact May 5 @0525pdt). It is the time of the Cross-Quarter, a sacred point in the turning of the Wheel. *


In the South it’s a time to honour beginnings, endings and change; a time of gratitude of all that’s been given and received; and a time to set the pattern for what is to come.


Here in the North it’s a time to choose what to amplify and bring into form. It’s a time write dreams and wishes in tiny scrolls and hang them over streams, or attach them to the end of ribbons and let them blow in the wind. Time for the feminine and masculine to weave and dance together in balance and harmony.Time to honour and celebrate the fertility of Life and land.


And it’s Time to pause and to draw on Taurus wisdom. Time to tune to all that we value, would nourish and protect. Time to release what no longer serves. Time to embody ease, comfort and calm. Time to vision all we wish to call into Being. Time to ground and fortify intentions. Time to bring into form; and time to just Be. And time, always, to …


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light

Sending much Love, warm Hugs, and roaring purrs.




*The actual astronomical cross-quarter day and time varies from year to year but festivals and celebrations tend to occur by tradition on April 30/May 1. Festivals in the North include Beltane and May Day; in the South, Samhain. 








IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise notedMain Images: #1( top): Bull figurine: cut & modified photo from 2021 Shambala event | Eclipse: cut & modified photo from Google search (orig src n/a; think by physicist K. Pimbblet) |#2 Eclipse: cut & modified from Science News for Students | #3 Maypole & Lilac: Maypole from Hello Zukzuk blog; Lilac & spiral stick by Fiona | #4 Reclining bull: cut & modified photo by Dubois from her “la jeannoise” blog post 2013; rest of image components by Fiona

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Happy Equinox + Aries Sun

20.03.2022 in moon&sky, turnings

Wishing you a HAPPY EQUINOX (exact at 0833pdt) and exciting new beginnings under the Aries Sun


Here in the North it’s time to nurture tender shoots rising from the Earth and to enjoy the bright delights of Spring and the antics of new borns soon to come.


North or South, it is time to



Tune into the wisdom of the earth and to this turning of the wheel.

Time to embrace Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Spirit.

Time to re-awaken Aries courage, confidence and strength

Time to nourish dreams and visions and all that we Be.

And time, always, to


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Sending much Love, warm Hugs, and roaring purrs









IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: lamb: Cut & modified image from UK postcard; photog unknown

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