Wisdom Wild | EQUINOX, Libra Sun & Moon Half-Lit


EQUINOX, Libra Sun & Moon Half-Lit

22 Sep 2023, by Fiona in moon&sky, turnings

Welcome Moon half-lit (exact @1231 PDT) + Equinox & Sun in Libra (exact @2351 PDT)


… stillness, balance, and shift


Today Moon will be light and dark in equal measure (exact @1231pst; moves from Sag >Cap at 1320). A few hours later it will be Equinox (exact@2351), a time when the length of day and night is ~equal. At the same time Sun will move into Libra, the sign of the scales and symbol of balance.


The call to both balance and shift is strong. And at each exact moment of balance, there is powerful point of stillness. A moment that is now, between then and then, between what was and what will be. It is a purrfect opportunity to pause and tune to the spaciousness of ‘between’; and to re-source our sense of balance and equilibrium(1stQ Moon, Eqnx, Libra season). Time to ground all that nourishes; and release to the winds all that no longer serves.


Midday, waxing Moon is half-lit. It is time to review, clarify and hone visions and plans; and to begin to initiate action. Today there is optimism and excitement to draw upon (Moon in Sag until 1231); increased focus and strong grounding (Moon>Cap); and, this season, support for rich contemplation, and tending relations (Libra Sun)


This evening Equinox marks a seasonal turning point. An energetic portal opens and we are able to align more easily and fully with Earth, Cosmos and Spirit. It is a time to embrace and appreciate both the Light and the dark. Time to find the balance and flow of giving and receiving; and of contracting and expanding. Time to centre ourselves in the strength of our wholeness and embrace the energies coming into Being.


In the North, Nature is beginning to shed, release, and let go. It’s a time to gather the harvest and prepare the lands for rest. In the South it’s time to nourish the soils and plant new seeds; a time when Nature begins to re-emerge and bloom.


North or South, Earth calls us to connect with hir natural rhythms, hir heart, and hir art in everything. It’s a time for sacred honouring: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit. A time to reflect, ground and recalibrate. At time for remembering, and a time for imagining. And, always, it is a time to…


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


Happy Equinox!

May you feel deeply into
balance, peace, and sacredness this Season









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