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Cross Quarter + Scorpio Moon Full Eclipse

05 May 2023, by Fiona in moon&sky, turnings

Welcome Moon Full in Scorpio … (exact at 1034 pdt)
Eclipse (peak at 1023 pdt)
& Cross Quarter em (exact at 1119 pdt)


deep sensing, illumination, transformation


What a potent and power-full day! Eclipse… Buddha Moon … full… in Scorpio… and the Cross Quarter. Wow!
(And, Yup, longer than usual story/stories follows ;))


Happy Full Moon!  Happy Eclipse!  Happy Cross Quarter!


A party of 3
Full Moons tend to be emotionally intense and powerful; that effect is heightened when in Scorpio, and further heightened by the Eclipse. It’s like having the energy of 3 full Moons simultaneously. And Moon-full, Scorpio and Eclipses are each about some form of endings (closure, completion, culmination, ending a story); revealing what’s hidden; and letting go. They also each bring both emotional sensitivity and intensity. We are compelled to dive deep (Scorpio, Eclipse & Pluto-R); and to re-evaluate, release, shift and transform (furthered by Sun-Uranus-Merc alignment).


This Moon is dynamic, re-generative, transformational (Scorpio))  and stabilizing as well (3 planets in Taurus)). The fullness of light illuminates what has been hidden, and all that needs transforming. It also deepens the shadows that Scorpio asks us to explore and transform. It is indeed a Moon of Transformation.


Scorpio, keeper of deep mysteries, is all about releasing and claiming (death/rebirth). She call us to the power of the feminine, and the rewards of going inward. We are challenged to see into the bones; summoned into deep diving and deep releasing; and urged to take an Eagle-eyed, elevated point of view. Yes, we are asked to face our fears and wrestle our inner demons. It’s time to shed old skins and and open to new ways of Being


Taurus Sun calls us to go slow. She counsels us to connect with Nature and hir rhythms; to revel in the senses and all that feels of Being ‘at home’; and enjoy all that is available in the present moment. Taurus brings strength, stability, practicality, patience, simplicity, abundance, and deep nurture to the field. She brings us closer to our purpose and sense of destiny; and helps bring visions into form. Time to simplify, become more in-bodied, and to take ease more seriously


Taurus and Scorpio together both seek quality of Life. They invite us to bridge the tangible and the intangible; the seen and the unseen; the formed and the dissolution of form; and to blend the wisdoms of simplicity (Taurus) and complexity .(Scorpio). It is time to both ground (3 signs in Taurus Earth) and flow (4 signs in Water) ; and time to both earth and unearth.


And then there’s the Eclipse giving us an additional push towards release and transformation. Lunar eclipses magnify the full Moon energies and are always powerful times for releasing (& more so in Scorpio).


Full Moon eclipses also tend to shake things up. They can mark, bring or herald endings, completions or culminations. (NB: this is the final eclipse of the eclipse season; and the last Scorpio eclipse of it’s kind for a couple of decades)). Something dies, something is born; something ends, something begins.


They also often trigger memories and vivid dreaming; reveal hidden truths; bring wake-up calls; and provoke life-changing decisions. Overall they call us to attention, encourage growth and help us to shift and raise consciousness.


And then today there’s the power of 5. Four 5s actually (5th day of 5th month and Moon & Sun both at 14 deg). Five signifies the need for change, variety and new growth; and represents the five senses of humanity and the five elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit). 5 activates freedom, curiosity, and adventure; offers choices and decisions for the future; and provides opportunities to embrace the power of change. With freedom (5555 and Uranus eclipse involvement), the call to the senses (5 & Taurus) and to creativity (Scorpio), it’s definitely time for playfulness.


Yes! Let’s play! Are you in?


The energies are potent and powerful. It is time to purge and release/let go of what no longer serves. Time to shift and transform. Time to trust inner wisdom and the Earth beneath our feet. Time to embrace the senses and celebrate grand, fertile visions. Time for a peaceful, just and sustainable world. Time for kindness and caring. Time to raise the collective consciousness, one brave, steady step at a time. It’s time.

Wishing us all
rich earthing & unearthing;
deep releasing
& sweet transforming this Moon

Today is also the Cross Quarter, the halfway point between Equinox and Solstice. It signals a change of season. At this time of year in the North it is Beltane*; in the South, Samhain*. As you will see, the XQTR reflects and echoes the powerful themes of the Scorpio Moon and Eclipse.


In the South at Samhain it’s the time of last harvest; Fall ends, Winter begins. Seeds have dropped; some plants have withdrawn; and leaves fall, transform and become nourishment for the next season. It is time to release the land to rest. A time for remembering; for gratitude for all that’s been given and received; and a time to re-source and set the pattern for what is to come.


In the North at Beltane, Spring is at its’ peak and early Summer begins. Plants have broken through the soil and roots reach deep and wide as new green and flowers rise from Earth. Life is in (re) emergence. It’s a time for shedding warm clothes; a time for planting; and a time for delighting in all that is bursting forth.



Wherever we are, and whatever our journeys may be, we are called to seek alignment with the natural rhythms of Earth and Cosmos. It is time to tune to the Sacred: to Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit; to their practical gifts and their abundant wisdom. It is a time to honour and celebrate the fertility of Life and land.


North or South, Beltane or Samhain,
embrace the Magicks of the Season



and may you always

Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light







IMAGE NOTES: Photos, Art & Compilations by Fiona/Wisdom Wild except as noted.:
>Main Image Compilation C&M snake image by Mark Laita