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About WisdomWild


Earth, a sacred realm, is the source of life here and now.
This site and its offerings are dedicated to the
sacred Wisdom Wild within you and in  the surrounds.


You were wild once

dancing with the rhythm of the Moon

weaving spirals under the Sun.

Elemental Wisdom,

sustenance for you, me, us.


Let things flow naturally.

Be humble for you are made of Earth.

Be noble for you are made of Stars.

Be You,

the whole radiant you as you were meant to be !


I look forward to Be-ing with you soon.


About Fiona… 


Gaining Ground-1837_CROP2EyesOnly_compiln3_Ed3b

Perhaps, like me, there is more to you than one particular story or set of tales and experiences. Perhaps you have many aspects and elements of you; I do, and I suspect you do too. That in itself interests me. But I know you are here to learn something of me so, what do you want to know? Where shall I begin? … Perhaps with journeys…


My Journeys have taken me to many places, both inward and outward; linear and non-linear; hidden and visible; joyful and painful. They have taken me to places of body, mind, heart and soul; and to places of knowing, not knowing and unknowing. I have learned much and learn still. With me you can expect to explore and inquire about all these kinds of journey places.


My Work has ranged from dance to human development to art curator to organization change agent to sustainability ‘expert’ (but, just so you know, I don’t actually ‘buy’ the ‘expert’ model). Yes, development, change, and sustainability are some key working themes for me; do they interest you?


My Roles have been as dancer, catalyst, designer, facilitator, leader, social scientist, educator, and artist. All these continue to be expressed by me for they are not merely roles; they are who and what I am. I realize now, in a different, perhaps deeper kind of way, that artist/designer/creator may well be the center core of all that I do and Be. I wonder, may this be true for you too? I suspect that it is true for you too (even if you don’t know it yet;)).


There have been times when I have felt discomfort, unease, and a wriggling for shift or change. Sometimes I shake things up just to shake things up and ‘cause’ a shift. I move, dance, go for a walk or a swim, or pick up pen, pencil, brush and paint. All these are shift and change-makers. You can expect to be invited to any or all of this with me.


My passions are many: Sustainability (perhaps obviously), and sacred earth wisdom, beauty, wonder, inquiry, exploration, discovery, learning, textures, sensual surprise, design and creativity. My loves echoe the same. I especially love water and light and creatures and things that grow. Each of these call up, often embody, and certainly engage, my passions.


My wish is for a peaceful, just and sustainable world. A world where All are free to Be who they are in safety, and with love, support and appreciation. A place where we each seek the greatest and best good within and for ourselves, each other, and Earth simultaneously.


My aim and intent is towards manifesting such wishes with open heart, thoughtful reflection, great design, gentle facilitation, lots of writing, painting, and dancing; and some hootin’ and hollerin’ too. If you work-play with me, you can expect all of this and (if you have not yet surmised) a whole lot of fun too! Most importantly, you can expect to …


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


As ARTist


P1030585_x385wFrom the time I was very little everything seemed made for making. It is this that draws me to my Arts.

Art is my bone, my blood and my nourishment.

It lives in a multitude of forms: in my soft whisper to you, in my loving and questioning gaze, in my wondering expressions, in the works of my head, heart and hands.

It lives in stillness, in reflection, in action. Each a chosen making.

It exists in forms of creation all around. Each creation an expressive map of Nature divine.

It is WisdomWild calling for Nurture, and it is to this that my work is dedicated.





Fiona is a sustainability professional, an artist, a teacher, a catalyst, and a guide. Her current work focusses on empowering women to truly BE all of who they are, and to manifest magnificent leadership in their lives and in the world. Working with her involves engaging and expressing passion, compassion, natural wisdom, ritual, and art. Expect to be playful, reflective and joyful. Know that you will transform your inner mean girls to helpful allies; connect deeply with your Inner Wisdom; and nourish your Radiant Heart and Spirit.


‘DrF’ as her students called her, holds a Bachelor Degree (mathematics specialty); a cross-disciplinary Master in Education and Psychology (focus: attitudes and behavior); and a PhD (focus: sustainable development and engineering). She is a LEED® certified practitioner; and a certified intentional creativity coach and Color of Woman Teacher.


Feel free to contact us if you would like more detailed information about Fiona’s background, work and experience. You can also learn more from her sustainability bio, or at www.4sustainability.com. Please note: While Fiona will consider projects of the kind described at 4sustainability, her current interests in that arena are particular to innovative, visionary, and inclusive events, processes or projects.



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