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Messages drawing on natural wisdom to nourish and guide you – mind, heart, body and spirit. Communications are released about once/week, along with occasional posts about special events or offerings. You can subscribe (at right), and unsubscribe at any time.




are variously in-person, online and by phone.
Many have CIP, ‘Conversations In Paint’ (TM WisdomWild) at their base.




[image by Edward Eggleston, 1836]

Natural Rhythms: A Walk with the Moon

Everything has a natural flow and a rhythm to it.

Connecting and aligning with that flow and rhythm connects and aligns us with ourselves, each other, and the environment.

You were made for this.

Attune, align and synchronize with natural rhythms. Walk with the Moon and step into the Sacred Rhythm of Nature and You. Draw in and express the Wisdom of the Moon.

Includes stories of the current cycle; four phase circle calls; one private session with Fiona; and additional materials.

This program is offered by web and by conference call. Learn more …




elements_P1040045_x385 Elemental Wisdom

Explores Wisdom found in the sacred essence of the elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water.  Strengthening, nourishing and expressing  the elemental wisdom within us.  Offered in person, or online and by telephone, or in a combination.
Introductory: In person weekend (with CIP).
Intensive: ~4 month online &  by phone, and/or in person (with CIP)  over 4 weekends


P1030585_x385w Heart Treats & Sweets for the Soul (CIP)

Using intentional creativity we will start to bring old stories, beliefs and inner mean girl chatter to light. We will find the medicines for healing and craft the antidotes to stories and beliefs that deny or hide the radiant beings we were born to be. Create Sweets for the Soul!  No prior painting or art experience required.

This is an in-person workshop (1/2 or full day). Materials and refreshments included. Contact us for next dates & locations.



Visionary Woman (CIP)

What is awakening in you and yearning to come forth? What are the desires, dreams, and visions you want to call into being this year? What will excite you? What will you savour? What experiences do you want to have? How do you want to feel – in your body, your heart, in your spirit?  The Visionary Woman Workshop plays and creates with these questions.

Using paint, pen and the power of intentional creativity, we will inquire into the yearning, explore questions, and express our SenseStoryal vision. You will create a Talisman in the form of a ‘book’  toinform and guide you on your journey throughout the year.



Conversations in Paint: The Muse at the Hearth of Your Heart

This is an in-person workshop (1-2 days).  Contact us for next dates & locations.

Guidance, teaching, coaching and/or mentorship with Fiona


earth_rainbowCROPx385-byUrbanbushidoSustainability for the Sustainability Practitioner

Personal and professional coaching, guidance and facilitation for those working in the sustainability arena.


 [image by Rick Gamache,  urbanbushido]

IMG_heartFire_P1020135The Radiant Heart

Nourishing and expressing the Heart-Truth of you in your personal and professional life.



Heart_Sparklers_CROPx385_byKristenBoothCustom VIP day/VIP weekend

The VIP offering is custom to you. It includes preparation call and two follow-up calls. The offering is delivered  in person or by phone


[photo by Kristen Booth]




circle_kin2Council of All Beings

Fiona will be travelling this winter holding a Council of All Beings in various areas along the West Coast of Canada & the USA. This offering is intended to raise funds for protecting creatures and habitats at risk in the specific areas. If you know of creatures or habitat in need, please contact me

 [artist unknown]


Offering_sunsetDance_131008ESHFemma Vale – retreat & festival

This event has been years in planning and is still cooking. Expect to hear more soon. AND if you have particular offerings you would like to share – workshops or services in promoting well-being and peaceful, just and sustainable world — Let’s talk! Send me an email and let’s arrange a time.

[artist unknown]



Icon-heart-blue Annual event on the Sunshine Coast. Click here to learn more








[Images by Fiona unless otherwise noted]