Wisdom Wild | Happy Solstice! Cancer Sun & Leo Moon


Happy Solstice! Cancer Sun & Leo Moon

20 Jun 2023, by Fiona in moon&sky, turnings

Welcome Solstice! & Sun in Cancer (exact 230621 @0758 PDT) & waxing Moon in Leo


love & courage;  balance & harmony


Happy SOLSTICE! It’s time to celebrate the Light! And Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Rainbows, and all good things!
It’s a time for restoring and recharging Spirit and all you Be.


Today in the North it is the longest day of the year; in the South, the longest night. It is Solstice, a sacred time when Light and Dark on the planet are in a kind of ‘peak’ balance. It is a time to unify heart and mind; harmonize dualities; and integrate opposites.


Solstice is also a time when the veil between material and spiritual realms is thin; a time when connection with Spirit and Spirit guides is attained with greater ease. It is believed that Earth’s entire energy grid comes into harmony, and that Earth’s healing powers are strongest at this time. It is a poignant time to pause. Time to reflect, review, release, revise and realign.


Sun and Leo call us out into the world. Moon and Cancer call us inward. We are called to both action and stillness. Cancer brings tenderness, sensitivity, security, unconditional love, and deep nurturing. Leo brings fierceness, confidence, pride, big heartedness, and playfulness. Cancer encourages us to attend to self-care. Leo encourages us to deepen self-love. Together they call us to feel into the power of the heart.


Time to flow with the Waters and to tend our inner Fire. Time for self-(re)discovery. Time to connect with source and flow into grace-filled space. Time to open to the flows of love and wisdom in Earth and Cosmos. Time to tune to all that warms heart and Spirit. Time to feel into the power of Nature. Time to breathe with the winds. Time to align your heart beat to the thrum of the Earth. Time to celebrate the Light of Sun, Stars, Spirit and You! And time, always, to…


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you embrace all the gifts of Solstice,
all the blessings of Earth and Cosmos,
and all that is You and all you Be



North or South, Winter or Summer Solstice,
enjoy the Magicks of the Season












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