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Water Week

28.08.2017 in theme

It’s World Water Week! (Aug 27-Sep1)   World Water Week is the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues. Hosted and organized by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), this year’s theme is “Water and Waste: Reduce and Reuse   I invite you to take…

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International Women’s Day

08.03.2017 in theme

International Women’s Day! Great time for remembering all the way-makers past and present. May you honor yourself (today and always) and gift yourself with wonderful sights, sounds and scents. Wishing you beauty and love and delight … and lots of nourishing self-care!   This day…

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Happy Solstice! & Here in the North…

21.12.2016 in theme

De-Light! ‘Tis Solstice! (exact at 1756 pst) under a Capricorn Sun (exact at 0244 pst) and a Libra Moon   Light & Love   Tis a  time for releasing, purifying and preparing for rebirth   As many of you know, I chose to take time off…

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International Women’s Day

08.03.2016 in theme

Remembering and honoring all the steps taken, and those still to come, each way-maker and voice.   Wishing you an empowering, creative, full-filling International Women’s Day!   May we today each make a mark that creates safety, health, freedom and empowers each and All.  …

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Earth Day, each and every day

22.04.2015 in theme

It’s Earth Day! (isn’t everyday? ;))   I LOVE Earth and all that she provides. This is my ongoing and greatest Love Affair. So wondrous, so magical, so beautiful, so …. everything!… and so much thanks-full-ness for Hir.   This day I invite you to…

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05.03.2015 in moon&sky, theme

We are in the bright Moon window yet also moving into the waning time. Prepare. Very soon it will be Moon dark … and Equinox … and solar eclipse all on the same day (Mar20). In the time between, the 7th and final square of…

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New Year Wishes

04.01.2015 in theme

For many, a new year, like a  new Moon, is a time to make wishes, declare resolutions and set intentions. I wish for everyone a year overflowing with purpose-filled abundance!  Since this year launches us with much Aquarian energy (long view), consider looking ahead at…

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Cross Quarter

07.08.2014 in theme

Greetings of the “Cross Quarter”! We are half way between Solstice and Equinox!   It is a time to celebrate the Goddess and the gifts of the Earth.(Okay, it’s always time for that but this is one of those special times :))   In the…

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Sacred Action: Solstice & Waning Moon

19.06.2014 in theme

Sacred ACTion. Waning Moon and Solstice   Solstice, the longest day in the North; the longest night in the South. Light and dark side by side just as the Last Quarter  moon   As you honor this time of Last Quarter Moon and the Solstice,…

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WisdomWild: Ocean + Gibbous waxing

08.06.2014 in theme

I reach out to you this day under a waxing Gibbous Moon on a day that lights the need for our awareness, caring, honoring and action for Ocean, my favorite elemental form.   It’s World Ocean Day. This idea was first proposed in 1992 by…

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