Wisdom Wild | Happy Solstice! & Here in the North…


Happy Solstice! & Here in the North…

21 Dec 2016, by Fiona in theme

De-Light! ‘Tis Solstice!161221_cathuglight23_x300
(exact at 1756 pst)

under a Capricorn Sun
(exact at 0244 pst)
and a Libra Moon


Light & Love


Tis a  time for releasing, purifying and preparing for rebirth


As many of you know, I chose to take time off this last Moon of the year (now waning half Moon).

I’m just  popping in this  Solstice day with good wishes for you —  and to share a few personal  stories from here in the North under this blog-quiet Moon :)  (further below)


Embrace and curl around the Light
with much Love
this and all these
magickal holydays!


May you purr warmly in


Happy Solstice!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!


Happy Holy Days for each and every One!


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you peace, love and sweet grace this Light season




Personal Stories: Here in the North…


Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it Snow!161221_img_0815_x300


We have had more snow (and more snow and more expected) than usual, and it has lasted longer than usual as well.


It has been beauty-full.


Full too of softness and stillness and delightful prints of creatures passing through ….





Snowballs that go ‘Poof’! 161221_img_0825_ashamakessnowball_x300


This is the ‘kids’ first experience of snow. As it fell they sat at the window with eyes looking there, no there, no over there, and there’s another one, as they watched the big flakes fall. Just had to grin.


I grinned too as they took their first steps in the snow and as they attempted to catch snowflakes. Both ventured out to explore but must say Asha was rather more dedicated.


Asha made a snowball (truly!) and tried to play with it but Poof! it disappeared on impact. He tried again. This one went about an inch but poofed on the second hit. LOL. His interest waned then but it may be that he is indeed a Snow Cat!


img_0907wip-crop_x385Endings and Beginnings…


Here in the North the solar year now ends with this day of longest night.


Lucina wears her crown of 8 candles representing the seasons (equinoxes, solstices and the cross-quarter points between) of year completed and now to come again.


I’d hoped to have this painting complete or a bit more complete for this day but perhaps beginnings are appropriate too with the solar year here in the north beginning tomorrow anew.


I hope you enjoy her in her beginnings and wishing you all the best in all of yours.



May you Glow forever more Radiant with the Light of your Being










IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Cat-Light-Love: cropped from video on Love Cats facebook |