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More on the Blood Moon Eclipse

27.07.2018 in reflections

Last night into this morning Moon was orange-pink-red. Not the eclipse-effect, but like a herald of its’ coming. Yes, many are speaking of disruptions, mighty emotional challenges, tumultuous change, and “harsh” aspects to the eclipse event (and associated alignments).   I don’t know what the…

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Personal message: Of the times

16.09.2016 in reflections

 Yes, it is true, there are energies about that may be intense at times and, especially with several of Mars aspects, there is both some feelings of urgency, and potential for frustration to rise.   Step with bare feet onto Earth and/or into Water. Pause…

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Reflections on the times

12.06.2016 in reflections

 A personal take on these times   I have definitely been affected/effected by the Earth-Sky energies of these times. In the last two weeks when I talked to you about density and tension in form, I hadn’t realized how dense & in-tense things might actually…

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Journeying in silence

01.03.2016 in reflections

I am on a month long ‘away’ time in sun and sea. Communicating reflections has been by silent means lately: 7 days ago I awoke with no voice (for no apparent reason). Today I have a bit more voice — perhaps every 6th or 7th…

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Dear Friend passes

08.01.2016 in reflections

On Wednesday, January 6, between 0140 and 0230am, Ramdha passed away in my arms, sleeping on my chest, heart to heart.   He was my constant companion for >20 years – at home, in office, and on the road. My heart aches and I miss…

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New Moon Reindeer Dawn

11.12.2015 in moon&sky, reflections

What a beautiful dawn this dark-new Moon (I waited long). As I watched the sky lighten and soft clouds over grey turn pink, Reindeer came into form. Pink, full-antlered, moving quickly in the upper air across the sky. Do you see her nose down to…

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Personal Reflections this Full Moon

02.07.2015 in reflections

Personal Reflections on the times   Sometimes intentions are not fulfilled in the time frame scheduled for them. Yesterday (0730-2400) was devoted entirely to creating the full Moon message but, no matter my wishes, standing time was too limited to meet my aims. The task…

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LadyPeace: Message

04.03.2015 in reflections

Lady Peace Project Day4: The Query  is: What would you say to the United Nations?   This is a day when I am tending the classroom again so I work as quickly as possible reflecting. The inquiry takes some time to digest and process (ongoing). Here…

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LadyPeace: Stand

02.03.2015 in reflections

Lady Peace Project Day2. Inquiry: What is your stand?   I have some top things I want and have wanted since I was very little. One of them is that I want a peaceful, just and sustainable world. Please, please, please! Always makes me cry.  …

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Beauty Focus 5: wholeness

16.02.2015 in reflections

Beauty Focus 5   The almost last sliver Moon greeted the pink dawn sky. Just one day until Moon Dark.   Today I choose the Beauty of whole systems as my focus.   I wonder what new sparkles and whispers may appear deep in the…

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