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Dear Friend passes

08 Jan 2016, by Fiona in reflections

On Wednesday, January 6, between 0140 and 0230am, Ramdha passed away in my arms, sleeping on my chest, heart to heart.


He was my constant companion for >20 years – at home, in office, and on the road. My heart aches and I miss his gazing blue eyes, his touch, his voice, the all of his in-body presence. At the moment the circle of life feels like a hole in my heart and I’m feeling a bit lost. Still, I know the wheel turns and things will shift in time.


I continue to focus on gentleness, ease and peace. I am thankful for the energetic support provided by the waning and the now dark-new Moon, and the various planetary giftings at this time. I am especially grateful for all those who have lit candles and sent prayers and blessings to us during this transitioning. Thank you All.