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24.02.2014 in self-care

I’ve been reflecting and I have some thoughts for you.   If you answer Yes to at least one of the following questions, this post will likely be of interest to you.   Are you living in a fast-paced, demanding, time-constrained world? Do you find…

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October New Moon

07.10.2013 in moon&sky, self-care, theme, turnings

Hello Dear Ones, Welcome October New Moon! The gifts of the new moon are so many. Time in the dark of the void with light re-emerging in next days. I so love the new moon. . . And this moon calls for a Reset. Messages…

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Moon and stars; Ah the Magic…TODAY esp

28.07.2013 in moon&sky, self-care

Hello Dear Ones! I sooo love patterns and stars and sacred geometry and wondrous things! Ah-mazing/making. Today is an exceptional day on all these fronts. Today we have a Star Tetrahedron, a six-pointed star, a Grand Sextile!  (picture attached) Remember the Grand Water Trine (that…

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