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Happy Solstice Week & Full Moon

20 Jun 2013, by Fiona in elemental, moon&sky, self-care, turnings

Hello Dear Ones!

Happy Summer Solstice (N.hem) and a Full Moon following soon thereafter!

Well, I thought this would be a quickish note but as I sink in it feels like maybe a bit longer ;)

What’s up?
There’s still lots going on. Too much, too fast, too simulating. Stimulating and exciting is great but it also can be excessive and overwhelming. It is an intense time of feelings.

This is a very powerful week. Cancer, water, moon, all brings up emotions. And Cancer is associated with Great Mother Divine Feminine archetypes (Quan Yin; Mother Earth/Gaia; Mother Mary). There’s a huge expansion of these energies expanding further in the Solstice.  A powerful full moon thereafter. Remember the Moon rules Cancer, the personal unconscious where feelings emerge (needs, longings, belonging, etc) and can bump up against the rational mind and ‘business as usual’ culture.

(NB: There’s a whole powerful Galactic piece in play here too but that’s a longer story. Suffice it to say that a G-center or edge only occurs every~ 26000 years; when it occurs it lasts 72 years. The recent exact center point was in 1998 so that Galactic Gateway is open for us now;) and transmitting new ways of doing things, new ‘codes’, what we need. And Blackmoon Lilith is with us supporting the release of the repressed feminine for next several months  so Yay! Feel all that support for shift to new paradigm!)

There’s still lots fluctuations; lots of ebb & flow. The practice of Releasing and Embracing is ongoing. There may be times when things are not the way we want them to be or the way we wish ourselves to be. Yup, artifacts of transition time. Collaborate with the strong feminine energetic support of this time (and  especially if there’s crash & burn or tantrum coming on ;)). Sink in. Embrace, release, embrace, release…

Cancer, moon, water, Feminine wisdom all ask: How do we give and receive nourishment – esp in rapidly changing and stressful times? How do we have compassion for ourselves? Cancer is all about embodying love, compassion and community. About feeling it. Right now there is a great opportunity to really attune. To live into these questions and enliven the feminine in us through the process and this time.

This time requires self-care and self-nurturing in order for change to take place as easily as possible and to nurture and anchor higher vibrational energies incoming.  Cooperate with the signals of the time.  Honor your feelings, go inward, slow down. Don’t grind your way through; stop trying to conform; stop the push-push-go-forward cultural train for awhile. Take baths. Pick honeysuckle, roses, lavender, rosemary for their scents and add them to your bath. Movement is also important: move/dance, rock yourself. (You may also find some earth medicine supports useful, e.g., ginseng, Holy Basil, Rhodelia (all strong adaptogens) and essence of Yellow Yarrow (good for protection))

Summer Solstice: The sun, fuel of life. A time of fullness. Stand Still of the Sun.  This is a time for gratitude for all that has been received since last the sun stood ‘still’ overhead. A seasonal gateway. With all the energies in place, a great time for accessing new visions and new dreams. You might consider doing a water ceremony. Hold a bottle of water up  to the sun. Imagine the Sun transmitting wondrous new ways of doing things that are in alignment with compassion and love and increasing frequencies of the heart. Then infuse the water with intentions and prayers for yourself, for others, for Earth, for what we want to bring into being. When complete, pour some water onto Earth in thanks and blessing, and keep the rest to drink or use however for as long as it lasts. (And if it’s raining, no worries. Collect the rain and do the same ;))

Full Moon: 2204h Pacific. A ‘supermoon’ (the moon at its largest and closest this year). Time of the Mother Goddesses. Now you see strong tidal ebbs and flows. Allow/invite the full moon to witness you and to illuminate creative possibilities. Do slow down enough to receive. (NB: You can do a ritual like the water ritual above with the moon as well;))

. . . All in all, a lot more writing than I anticipated. I hope you found something helpful in it all…

Finally.  .  .
Remember, we’re not alone. The forces of Spirit and Nature are always guiding us to heart-home.

Nurture your Nature!
Much love and blessings,