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24 Feb 2014, by Fiona in self-care

I’ve been reflecting and
I have some thoughts for you.IMG_wisWild_P1020866_fromBanWk


If you answer Yes to at least one of the following questions, this post will likely be of interest to you.


Are you living in a fast-paced, demanding, time-constrained world?

Do you find yourself at times wondering where to turn or what to do next?

Do you want things to be different and better?

Do you have a feminine/yin sensitivity living and growing within?


Yes? Well, then take a couple of calming breaths before reading on…


Does any of this sound familiar?

“I’ve got so much to do”
“I don’t have time to… (fill in the blank)”
“There’s so much going on”
“Sometimes I’m not sure which way is up, down, left, right”
“I’m just trying to keep up with things right now.”
“It’s so busy! I can hardly wait to have a break.”
“And I’m tired”
“But there’s so much that needs to be done!”


I hear such things a lot, and from a lot of women in particular. The experience is an increasingly common one.


On the one hand, the experience is an artifact of our socio-cultural pace, norms and projected expectations.


On the other, the experience is a consequence of sensitivity, receptivity, and having a strong feminine/yin force within.


The feminine
sees more than what’s at the surface
and in view under the Light.

The feminine
looks beyond into the dark and shadow
and finds more and
other needs that require tending.

The feminine
sees into the underneath
and into the subtle;
into those places
where the important whys live
and where caring is born.




Combine feminine seeing-knowing-caring (F).

with an over-active, masculine/yang-embodied culture of do-do-do, more-more-more, now-now-now, faster-faster-faster (^M),

and it’s no surprise that stress occurs and is on the rise. (S)


We know we need to change the pace/culture; to at least try to shift it.
We need to change it for ourselves, our friends, our family, and for Earth hirself.
It goes against our nature not to attend to well-being.



Everything has a natural flow and a rhythm to it.


When something disrupts or interferes with that flow and rhythm, wellness is at risk. When wellness is at risk, so to is perception, vision, function, sustainability and quality of life.


Attune, align and synchronize with natural rhythms.
Walk with the Moon and step into the Sacred Rhythm of Nature and You


Walking with the moon is one way to help attune to ourselves, to the inner and outer worlds, and to the optimal times for certain kinds of activities and endeavours.


When we are so attuned, we can step in/step out, take action/be still, claim/release, and make other such choices with the ease and grace of natural rhythms.


Moving with Moon through hir phases helps us learn and understand more about all these things.

Come, Walk with the Moon!
Next Cycle starts March 1st

Natural Rhythms includes

  •  4 Circle calls
  •  4 Moon Guides (aka work-play sheets)
  •  4 mid-phase Moon-Light messages
  •  Daily Moon Chart for the Cycle
  •  One-to-one Sacred Rhythms Guidance and Mentorship session to help you to ground Moon work in your personal life and/or profession/business.


Check out the  Natural Rhythms Offering to learn more and to register
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Would love to take a Walk with the Moon with you!


Nurture your Nature
Wisdom Wild
with Love and Moonlight