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Moon and stars; Ah the Magic…TODAY esp

28 Jul 2013, by Fiona in moon&sky, self-care

star-tetrahedron-2Hello Dear Ones!

I sooo love patterns and stars and sacred geometry and wondrous things! Ah-mazing/making.

Today is an exceptional day on all these fronts. Today we have a Star Tetrahedron, a six-pointed star, a Grand Sextile!  (picture attached) Remember the Grand Water Trine (that lasts well into 2014)? Well now it’s joined by an Earth Trine. A sextile in Water-Earth signs! This is an all feminine Grand Sextile  (and just by the way, this is quite rare ;)) – and it’s occurring with the last quarter moon. And it’s the first of two Star Tetrahedrons (the second one is on Aug 25)

The Star Tetrahedron is potent symbol opening a portal between Heaven & Earth. Uniting heaven & earth, yin & yang, light & dark, masculine & feminine; embracing the polarities. Love in pure form; unbounded, unconditional, universal. The StarT represents all of creation – physical, mental, emotional, spirtitual – brought together.

This is an important time to engage ritual and ceremony with the intent of expanding awareness and embracing the greatest possibility of experiencing the magic of who you/we are.  Work with the Star Tetrahedron to manifest your hearts desire (heart not head) to bring your/our gifts into reality at this time.  Here’s  guidance/suggestion for how you might proceed.

Choose your manifesting aim. State it in present tense as if you already have it; as if it’s already accomplished. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, filling your belly. Notice how you open to receive the life force energy of the breath. Release the breath, surrendering to the process of the breath, cleansing, purifying, healing. .. Breathe in love and the intention of your heart’s desire.  Allow the universe, the divine, to bring this or something better or more amazing to you.  Take a few such breaths. Hold your manifesting aim, feel it as with you now. Consider saying the following words out loud (adapted from Spirit of Maat)

I open myself to be totally in alignment with the natural flow of abundance and my sacred purpose.

I choose to receive all forms of abundance and richness in my life in alignment with myheart and my higher purpose for everyone’s highest good and healing.

I am prepared for the sudden movement of this manifestation into my life with grace and ease.

I choose to clear anything that no longer serves or mismatches my manifestation

I choose to fill myself with energy, belief, emotion, experience, love and light that match my manifestation.

Tune into your manifesting goal. As you feel and imagine – really feel the having –  be in a place of gratitude. Imagine the StarT and the merging of seeming polarities come fully into being and open to positive loving energies. Ask: Are there any parts of the aim that needs rebalancing? Something that is being avoided?  Check in; if needed, adjust  the aim to match your heart’s desire. If any doubts or uncertainties come up, sit with it, feel it, then let it go.  The energetics of the StarT help us to identify and excavate barriers and to embrace with ease the opportunities of the feminine collective offered now.

Know that in this vastness of Love and Light, anything and everything necessary to support your unique sacred purpose is already here with you; it’s manifesting even if not yet seen. Believe, feel into it already being here and be open to receive it.

Give priority to using this day of “supreme perfection” for creating something beautiful and healing. Dream a beautiful dream of how you want to world to be. There are tremendous energies at play on Earth. There is great magic available for you/us to set in motion. You can align with anything you want but for the beauty and wonder to reveal and the passage to be smooth, you must choose peace, joy, fulfillment, or the feeling of connection with nature. Follow your dreams. Hold the images daily. Attune  to positive waves through feeling and image.

The Last Quarter Moon is the time to decide a course of action intended to integrate what is being uncovered at this time  – including the strength and power of who you/we really are. Aspire to trim and weed out what no longer serves, both inner and outer. It is the time to follow-up and complete the activities begun at the New phase of the Moon.  With the StarT this a a remarkably powerful time for manifestation.  Manifest… You!

Yes! Nurture Your Nature!
Much love and blessings,
WisdomWild, Fiona