Wisdom Wild | More on the Blood Moon Eclipse


More on the Blood Moon Eclipse

27 Jul 2018, by Fiona in reflections

Last night into this morning Moon was orange-pink-red. Not the eclipse-effect, but like a herald of its’ coming. Yes, many are speaking of disruptions, mighty emotional challenges, tumultuous change, and “harsh” aspects to the eclipse event (and associated alignments).


I don’t know what the experience will be for each of us but I do know that when such cautions are in the air, ‘common sense’(or perhaps sacred sensing), patience, focus, and deep calm serve well as conscious allies.


Given all that could be, there’s potentially a lot to process so please do build in time to rest and relax.


Be both strong and tender with self and in the world.

Draw on Leo’s courage and big heartedness; let your regal and noble self shine.

Embrace the essence of Aquarius’ free Spirit.

Find delight in Beauty and Nature and in your radiant self.

Dance with the stars in Heaven and on Earth.


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


May Love, freedom, strength & tenderness grace your heart and Spirit this Moon