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LadyPeace: Stand

02 Mar 2015, by Fiona in reflections

Lady Peace Project Day2. Inquiry: What is your stand?


I have some top things I want and have wanted since I was very little. One of them is that I want a peaceful, just and sustainable world. Please, please, please! Always makes me cry.


I see it in my vision and feel it in my heart and then I look out and I cry… like I am right now.


For me life is sacred: to be respected, honored, cherished, protected. I believe that these are the ways to love, freedom, peace, justice, sustainability. And yes, I believe that intentional creativity is an essential practice that nurtures this nature, in ourselves and in the world.




IMAGE: Just so you know, I stand on Earth. More specifically, in this photo I’m standing on the Global Peace Flag from a Women’s Conference a couple of decades ago (text of course is mine)