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Personal Reflections this Full Moon

02 Jul 2015, by Fiona in reflections

150701_P1020230_Mask4MaryankaCROP_x300Personal Reflections on the times


Sometimes intentions are not fulfilled in the time frame scheduled for them. Yesterday (0730-2400) was devoted entirely to creating the full Moon message but, no matter my wishes, standing time was too limited to meet my aims. The task of balancing self-care and responsibility was indeed poignant this day, evidenced by a push and pull cascade of “get on with it” and let it go.


The message image itself saw several iterations, each revealing different constellations of oppositions seeking complementarity and harmony. Words flooded in and tumbled over one another, tales overlapping and burning up in the heat of a mix of vigorous voices calling for attention. The voice of Body won out again and again. Heart and Mind reached for acceptance and compassion and I kept on, seeking a place of Being in the push-pull between. By midnight it was time to call it a day.


In the wee hours of today, the fullness of Moon shone bright white in the western deep sapphire sky. In the east, hints of pre-dawn apricot light marked the beginning of new day. I breathed in the early day coolness, and grounded with earthy Capricorn. Releasing what had been, it was time to newly create again.


Now with words written and ready for release I reflect on this 2day journey. I have learned what pushing can do, and am again and again aided by remindings when I forget to remember or again test that learning. I am still at times surprised by how big and small things seem to shape-shift one to the other pending my stand of Being. I sink and swim in balancing self-care and responsibility (they are so entwined and interdependent). I flounder at times listening for inner wisdom over/under my inner mean girls. I surface buoyed by body truth, acceptance and compassion, and am moved by trust and faith that all will be well.


Perhaps this sharing echoes experiences of your own: experiences of floods and stalls and tumbles and diving down and rising up in new de-light. Perhaps you too have danced the balance beam of self-care and responsibility. Perhaps there are cautions and teaching-gifts contained herein that can be useful to you. And perhaps this is just a self revealing story casting out as thread of connection to you with love and caring.


Wherever you are in your journeying,


may you always
find the strength of Earth beneath your feet;
take slow deep breaths of peace and space;
move with Water’s flow and nourishment;
fuel the fire of your passion; and
be heart-filled
with Spirit Grace.


As always,

Nurture Your Nature
with Love & Light