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Reflections on the times

12 Jun 2016, by Fiona in reflections

160612_catBalance15_x150w A personal take on these times

I have definitely been affected/effected by the Earth-Sky energies of these times. In the last two weeks when I talked to you about density and tension in form, I hadn’t realized how dense & in-tense things might actually become; what patterns might be revealed; nor how often the unexpected might occur or how I might ‘slip’. Whoosh!


Asha & Kaya have highlighted much of this for me by way of their new efforts to discover things that lie underneath and pull down things from above; and by making clear what in my space was precariously balanced. While I found myself putting things back once, twice, three times or more, and clearing and reorganizing things in my physical space, the light also dawned on patterns in my own being. Huh. How about that eh?


My last week (or two) has had me feeling both excited and unsettled; both delighted and aggravated. In the midst, things I’d thought I’d resolved or at least gotten a good handle on, unveiled themselves. Surprise! There’s that old stuff, still and again. For me that old stuff included over-doing (when I know better) which leads to under-resourcing (and I know better), both of which topples balance (yeah, I know that too). Operating out of balance finds me being uber-diligent (to ‘compensate’) and finds me falling into what I call perfection-dysfunction. Not happy-making. Ah yes, the inner mean girls (aka hurt little ones) were running amok in the absence of loving, restful, caring attention.


I am continually amazed at how old programming sticks despite learning, clearing, and the ‘security protocols’ that have been installed. ‘Clearly’ it is time to re-invest in clearing and/or transforming the underlying ‘stuff’. Time to ‘reformat the drive’ and update the safety (self-care) systems!


I’ve heard like-stories from so many of late. If you have a similar story, know you are not alone. We are all called to free ourselves from outdated beliefs and inappropriate, ineffectual constraints. We are to open minds and hearts, and to dare to expose what needs to be tossed out, unified or otherwise transformed. And to be fearless in the undertaking. We are being called with insistence to do this work for ourselves, each other and for Earth.


So… honor the amazing work you are doing and feed yourself with compassion and kindness and lots and lots of self-care. Here we cannot err.


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


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