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New Moon Reindeer Dawn

11 Dec 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky, reflections

151211_ReindeerCloud_P1020172-ed_x300What a beautiful dawn this dark-new Moon (I waited long). As I watched the sky lighten and soft clouds over grey turn pink, Reindeer came into form. Pink, full-antlered, moving quickly in the upper air across the sky. Do you see her nose down to the glow?


How wondrous! And what a gift of magic, both gentle and strong. I may fly across the stars with  her, bound  through the forest, or just walk gentle-hooved through the frost-painted grasses.


At this time of year I feel increasingly pulled within. Perhaps it’s the long dark here in the Northern Hemisphere. It calls for more stillness, more Spirit time, more releasing and imagining time. I also feel pulled to gather with stars of all kinds in the form of friends and family. Perhaps you feel both these pulls too.


For now until the next new Moon, I am going to dance in the ethers and rest awhile  in a mystical place with starry Reindeer and heart-lit lanterns shining soft and bright. Wishing you


Happy Heart Holidays and Spirit-filled Holy Days…

Celebrate the Light!

In You, Us,  Earth & Cosmos!



Nurture your Nature
xox Fiona