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WisdomWild: Ocean + Gibbous waxing

08 Jun 2014, by Fiona in theme

moon-ocean_EDITx385xTXTI reach out to you this day under a waxing Gibbous Moon on a day that lights the need for our awareness, caring, honoring and action for Ocean, my favorite elemental form.


It’s World Ocean Day. This idea was first proposed in 1992 by the government of Canada at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro; it was recognized by the United Nations in late 2008. Now many gather in celebration and in deed to honor and support this so core life system.


May you take a moment this day (and every day if you would) to honor Ocean. She who generates most of the oxygen we breathe, feeds us, serves to regulate climate, offers unending wonder and wisdom. She who connects us all.


Hear my blessings upon you,
My great abounding gratitude for you
You who teach me about waves and tides and rhythms
You who receive my joy and my tears
You who hold and cradle me
You who splash playfully to awaken me
You who take back my sandcastles and stacks of rocks
delighting me in the forever transforming.

I love and cherish you more than words can speak,
More than songs can sing,
More than touch can express,
in every sound, sight, taste, breathe and feel of you,
I love you more.

May all minds, hearts and hands awaken and embrace you
A cherished one to be loved, protected, honored and celebrated.
May it be so this day and everyday.

om shanti om




Under this Gibbous Moon, come into synchronicity with creative solutions, and keep focus on forward movement as well as on your own personal unfolding journey.

Imagine your heroic face arriving through the portal expressing victorious spirit and exclaim yes! HER-Oh-I-Csee.

And, as always,



Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light