Wisdom Wild | Sacred Action: Solstice & Waning Moon


Sacred Action: Solstice & Waning Moon

19 Jun 2014, by Fiona in theme

summer_solstice-mask_MIRRORSacred ACTion. Waning Moon and Solstice


Solstice, the longest day in the North; the longest night in the South. Light and dark side by side just as the Last Quarter  moon


As you honor this time of Last Quarter Moon and the Solstice, I invite you to nourish yourself with the feminine energies of the waning moon, in the deep earth of you.


Also step into the bright radiant light of you at Solstice to honor and celebrate all that has been, and all that is to come.


Honor and invite the deepening of your feminine wisdom.
Honor and invite openness to receiving
Honor and invite the strengthening of ways to be in balance and in flow
Honor and invite greater connection with the gifts that are yours
Honor and invite all the ways you have of giving and receiving love.
Honor and invite the engaging of the Heart-truth-Being of you here, now.


And, as always,
Nurture your Nature
Wisdom Wild
with Love & Light