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Full Capricorn Moon

12.07.2014 in moon&sky

Greetings of a glorious Full Moon! (0425h pdt)   A ‘super’ moon and the first of three. ‘Super’ because Moon is closest to Earth in hir elliptical orbit so can seem larger and much brighter. Indeed we are especially bathed in Moonlight this season, from…

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WisdomWild: WildCat Being

05.07.2014 in creatures

WisdomWild: WildCat Being   Like Wild Cat stretched out in all-present repose.   At full ease in Being Alert in all senses Relaxed and ready all ways to create and take action and then be still again   May this way of presence fill you…

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Half lit and waxing Moon

05.07.2014 in moon&sky

Greetings to you wherever you may be under this 1st quarter Moon   This 7th moon of the year is a time to love all things.   It is time to become spacious and full of the wonder in all creations.   Time to unfold,…

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Dark Moon Waxing

28.06.2014 in moon&sky

Greetings of the waxing Dark Moon…   Sun in Cancer, Dark Moon in Cancer, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn in the watery realms as well. Yes, a big showing in the water signs. Mercury still retrograde so timings may be unexpected ;).   Let it flow….

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Sacred Action: Solstice & Waning Moon

19.06.2014 in theme

Sacred ACTion. Waning Moon and Solstice   Solstice, the longest day in the North; the longest night in the South. Light and dark side by side just as the Last Quarter  moon   As you honor this time of Last Quarter Moon and the Solstice,…

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