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1st Q & Cross Quarter Soon

03 Aug 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

140803_1sQcompile2wTxt_X385Greetings of the 1st Quarter Moon – and solar cross quarter soon!


Have you felt the energy rising and Leo’s fire too?


It is an active, fire-y time and, of course, there is much masculine energy about. Draw in the strengths it brings: generosity, focus, productivity, loyalty, steadfastness. Let these support the feminine spirit . Yes! It is time to be seen and heard.


All planets are direct now (for the first month this year!). Moon is in Scorpio as is Mars, and with Sun and Jupiter in Leo, it’s a potent time. An alchemical time (nb: alchemy is highest expression of Scorpio ;)).


Feel the opening. Feel the increase in flow. Invite in expansiveness and fill yourself with Light just as the Moon waxes hir light.


The waxing moon is now half lit (exact at 1750 pdt). Tomorrow Neptune reminds us that we can allow momentum to take as forward. Allow the energy of the waxing moon to move you on. Let the energetic river flow. Trust that the river will take each of us where we need to be.


Welcome Moon’s reminder to pause in the waxing light-dark moment. Breathe in this spacious, expansive time. Allow both the waters (scorpio) and the fires (leo) to dance within.


Feel the sensual waters of Moon and Scorpio. Invite in Water’s buoyant support, gentle movement, and transforming powers. Release any over-intensity or static energy so that your forward movement is clear and free.


In so doing, heed also Scorpio’s call to connect directly to life force source energy. Connect and receive new ways of supporting this mission. Take a moment to anchor in source expressions and connections.


lughnasadh-04a-imgIn 4 days time we will be at the ‘cross-quarter’* – half way between Solstice and Equinox. Between Summer & Fall in the North; between Winter and Spring in the South.


In both the North and South it is time for celebrating the Goddess with thanks-giving for first harvest and the gathering of wheat (north); and for the seeds of beginnings (South).


It is a time for rededication to Spirit.


I invite you to take some time this day (August 7) to celebrate wherever you are.


Fuel heart fire;

Pour water blessings with love;

Breathe deeply of air as if it was your first breathe;

Embrace the land beneath you with your grace; and

Receive all of the elemental blessings in return.

Become present in the moment to your connection with all of life.


Do this Dear Ones in honor of Life and the greatest good, and, in so doing, as always,


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


* In the North this was celebrated as Lughnassadh, later as Lammas (Christianized) celebrated August 1st or August 2nd. But the actual midpoint between Solstice & Equinox is Aug 7th. In the South this is the time of Brighid, a time of new beginnings.\


IMAGES: Fire Dancer by Gita Rau with Moon photo by wisdomWild; CrossQuarter image artist unknown