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Cross Quarter Blessings

04.05.2016 in moon&sky

Cross-Quarter Blessings       On May 4 (exact at 2130 pdt) we will be half-way between Equinox and Solstice. A time of rising in the North; a time of returning in the South.   Light golden and white, Earth and Cosmos woven with each…

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LastQ Moon in Aquarius

30.04.2016 in moon&sky

Greetings of the waning half-lit Moon (exact 160428 @ 2029 pdt) in Aquarius. … Go slow and go within   Moon half-lit calls us to pause in the now moment, between what was and what may be, and find new balance. Moon in Aquarius invites…

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Creature Teacher: Eagle

22.04.2016 in creatures

On April 21, 2016, at the Full Moon in Scorpio, we are again without any planets in Air signs. Today our winged teacher is Eagle. Eagle is one of the three forms held by Scorpio: Eagle, Scorpion, & Lizard (or Snake).   Eagle medicine is…

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Moon Full in Scorpio

21.04.2016 in moon&sky

Breathing with Full Moon (exact 160421 @ 2224 pdt) in Scorpio.   Shadow dancing in the Light   Yes, indeed, we have entered intense waters with Scorpio, supercharged by the full Moon, and affected by retrograde energies as well (especially with Mars & Pluto, the…

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Creature Teacher: Woodpecker

14.04.2016 in creatures

Since we continue without any planets in Air signs, I thought it would be helpful to have the guidance of another winged one. As our Teacher today I have chosen Woodpecker, the totem for Cancer on the Medicine Wheel.   Woodpecker is about the power…

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