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Waning Moon Half-lit in Cancer

09.10.2020 in moon&sky

Greeting Waning Moon Half-lit (exact @ 1739 PDT) in Cancer   … nurture, nourish, tend…    At waning Moon it’s time to finish up, review, and sort through the makings, learnings and happenings of this cycle. Now half-lit we are called to pause, re-balance and…

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Moon Full in Aries

01.10.2020 in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact @ 1405 PDT) in Aries   … courage, self-empowerment, balance…    Moon full brings elevated intuition and heightened emotions. It is a time of culmination and maturation; a time to honour all gifts given and received. With an Aries Moon the…

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Waxing Moon Half-lit in Capricorn

23.09.2020 in moon&sky

Greeting Waxing Moon Half-lit (exact @1855 PDT) in Capricorn   … strength, structure, beauty, balance…    The Sun moved into Libra yesterday, at Equinox, and now we have a Moon half-lit. It is a time well-aspected for seeking balance and harmony – especially within the…

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Moon Dark-New in Virgo

16.09.2020 in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact 200917 @0400 PDT) in Virgo   … practical wisdom, reflection, intention…    Moon dark-new is a time of beginnings and fresh starts; a time to let go of what was, reset and decide on our intentions for this new cycle and…

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Waning Moon Half-lit in Gemini

09.09.2020 in moon&sky

Greeting Waning Moon Half-lit (exact 200910 @0226 PDT) in Gemini   … reflection, clarity, balance …    At Waning Moon half-lit it’s time to pause, breathe and centre. We are called to re-balance, harmonize, and integrate (further supported by Merc now in Libra). It’s a…

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