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Moon Dark-New in Aquarius

11.02.2021 in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Dark-new (exact 210211 @1106 PST) in Aquarius   … strength, objectivity,visionary planning…   This powerful Moon of beginnings is heightened by the start of Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year ;)). Joining five other planets in Aquarius (+Pallas Athene), change and mental…

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Waning Moon Half-lit in Scorpio

03.02.2021 in moon&sky

Welcome Waning Moon Half-lit (exact 210204 @0937 PST) in Scorpio   … release, re-source, replenish, transform…    At waning Moon half-lit, it’s time to pause, breathe deep and find balance. Time to review, sort, and wrap up. Time to clear the energy field and release,…

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Moon Full in Leo

28.01.2021 in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact @1116 PST) in Leo   … passion, creativity, dignity self-expression & self-empowerment   We have been journeying through intense times, dense with information, shifts, and change. The winds rise, shuffle things about, and push us in new directions (4 planets in Air,…

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Waxing Moon Half-lit in Taurus

19.01.2021 in moon&sky

Greeting Waxing Moon Half-lit (exact @1301 PST) in Taurus   … strength, stability, inspired action …   Energy rises with the waxing Moon. Now half-lit, it’s time to pause, centre, and re-balance. Earthy energy offers deep grounding and stability (5 planets in Earth signs). An…

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Moon Dark-New in Capricorn

12.01.2021 in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact @2100 PST) in Capricorn   … determination, stability, new beginnings …    As always, Moon dark-new opens a new cycle of possibilities. Today under the first new Moon of the year (new calendar year; new solar year in the north) we…

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