Wisdom Wild | Moon Dark-New in Taurus


Moon Dark-New in Taurus

11 May 2021, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact @1200 PDT) in Taurus


… stability, beauty, sensuality, embodiment …


Moon dark-new signals the beginning of a new lunar energy cycle. She calls us to begin to stir and to rise from the feminine deep. It’s time to tune to the essence of all that we desire; time to create visions of all to which we aspire; and time to fortify our intentions.


In Taurus we are invited to revel in the senses and to find beauty and harmony in the physical world. We are asked to slow down; appreciate all that provides comfort and a sense of home (in body, Spirit and on Earth); and enjoy all that is available in the present moment. Taurus brings sustenance and a fertile, stabilizing influence. She soothes, nurtures, feeds, and takes ease very seriously. We are called to rethink resource use; get creative with our material lives; and to become more fully embodied (heightened by Moon-Lilith conj). Time to nurture all that we value; time to enjoy simple pleasures; and time to choose our new seeds.


The current strong energy for new beginnings (new Moon+ 11:11:11:11 – Uranus, Mars, Chiron at 11 deg on May11) empowers new growth, new ideas, new projects, and a new cycle of deepening connection to self (Taurus). Our imagination is heightened and we are encouraged to find ways to make our visions tangible (Moon-Neptune) and to focus, in particular, on visions concerned with security, comfort and the freedom to be (Lilith influence).


Elemental energies support us in connecting and translating ideas/ideals to the real/physical world (4 planets in Air signs; 4 in Earth). We’ll likely find ourselves thinking more clearly (Merc-Saturn ‘morrow); feeling more stable and more grounded in reality and in our sense of purpose (Taurus+Moon-Pluto); and finding inner peace more easily (Sun-Nep ‘morrow).Yes, change continues to be in the air (Uranus/Taurus-Saturn/Aqua SQ) and we may at times feel vulnerable (Mars-Chiron) but there’s also support for progressive forward movement (Mars-Uranus). The time is lush for growth and gains, both material and spiritual. Time to take a new look at Life’s possibilities.


Time to tune to the all that provides a rich sense of ‘home’. Time to enjoy Nature and immerse in Earth’s beauty. Time to relish in the senses and become more in-bodied. Time to receive blessings and move wishes, dreams and heart-truth into the physical realm. Time to nurture our sacred seeds and plant a re-envisioned future.


Arise out of the stillness and move slow
Tune to the senses wherever you go


Find seeds that hold what’s most profound
Plant them deeply in rich, firm ground


Time to create beauty, peace and sanctuary
Time to embody the evolutionary


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you deep comfort, sensual rapture
& the many blessings of Life in form this Moon










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Main Image: Taurus: cut & modified from image of figurine on Etsy |