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Moon Full & more

05.03.2015 in moon&sky

Greetings of the Moon FULL in Virgo (exact at 1005h pst) http://www.wisdomwild.com/moon-full-more/ Prologue   The energies are high. Can you feel it? A coming together of forces. Sometimes a clashing, a gnashing, but also a breaking through and a rising. Do you sense it?  …

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LadyPeace: Message

04.03.2015 in reflections

Lady Peace Project Day4: The Query  is: What would you say to the United Nations?   This is a day when I am tending the classroom again so I work as quickly as possible reflecting. The inquiry takes some time to digest and process (ongoing). Here…

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LadyPeace: Stand

02.03.2015 in reflections

Lady Peace Project Day2. Inquiry: What is your stand?   I have some top things I want and have wanted since I was very little. One of them is that I want a peaceful, just and sustainable world. Please, please, please! Always makes me cry.  …

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Gemini 1stQ Moon

25.02.2015 in moon&sky

Greetings of the 1st Quarter Moon in Gemini.   I had hoped the sky would clear so I could get a good photograph of the Moon but, alas,  clouds hid Hir from view. Much like how many things appear to be these days. Sometimes bright and…

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Dark/New Moon + Wood Sheep Year

18.02.2015 in moon&sky

Greetings of New Moon, Pisces and Wood Sheep Year! Many wonders to unfurl.   This Moon is the 5th of five consecutive new Moons at 00 degrees (exact at 1547pst ). Just moments later, this 2nd new Moon of the year in Aquarius shifts into…

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