Wisdom Wild | Moon Dark-New in Gemini + S. Eclipse


Moon Dark-New in Gemini + S. Eclipse

09 Jun 2021, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-new (exact 210610 @0353 PDT) in Gemini + Solar Eclipse @0341


… discern, learn, reset … 


Moon dark-new marks the beginning of a new cycle of possibilities. The Solar Eclipse heralds both beginnings and endings, and strongly calls us to prepare for a new future (North Node eclipse). The times can be intense (more so w/ Sun/Eclipse-MercR conj). We can expect sudden shifts in direction, a course-rethink, major changes, and the unexpected (esp w Sat-Uranus exact soon). It is a powerful time for re-invention, re-creation, transformation and reset/resurrection (halo eclipse). A time to begin a brand new chapter.


In Gemini the emphasis is on how we think, communicate and interact with the world; and particularly on how thought creates our experienced reality. Gemini activates a desire for logic, reason, knowledge, learning and growth; and the Twins are eager to explore a multitude of diverse ideas and experiences. At the same time, however, other alignments tend to blur vision, hamper the ability to discern fact from fiction, and otherwise cause some vision/mind fuzziness and confusion (Neptune- Sun/Moon/Merc-R). It’s a time to keep questioning; and to trust intuition and inner knowing.


Rather than moving quickly forward with the new, it is a time to move slow (3 Rx planets & more soon) and to carefully process whatever new ideas, opportunities and changes may arise. Yes, push-pull energies are heightened (Sat-Uranus), but the Twins embrace the spaces of Life’s often polarised opposites, and delight in bouncing back and forth, melding and integrating, in service of liberation and authenticity. We are also more able to make connections across dimensions and ordinary boundaries (Moon-Neptune); and Air energy helps us to be flexible and ready for movement (4 planets in Air signs). Although things may still feel at bit uncertain, messy or complicated, we are guided by heightened emotions (4 planets in Water signs) and an increased awareness of what we truly desire (Venus now in Cancer).


It’s a time to surrender to the flows (supported by both Water and Air energies). A time to trust intuition. A time to attend to our own truth and inner wisdom. A time to expand our vision. A time to dive into a multiplicity of possibilities. A time to fully focus on what we want. An it’s time to seed beauty, truth and all that we love.


Gently arise from the feminine mystery
Imagine writing new future hirstory


Dance across and between opposing progressions
Tune to your heart for connection and direction


Now is the time to deeply feel
the ideals you wish to make real


Choose the seeds that you will nourish
Choose now what you will have flourish


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you be delighted by new discoveries,
intrigued by possibilities,
and deeply steeped in all you Love










IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Twins: cut & modified temporary sculpture by David Mesguich, France 2018 | Bee: Cut & modified image found on Google. Artist unknown | Ranunculus (1) and Goldenrod (2): Gemini flowers: cut & modified image from (1) Easy to Grow Bulbs & (2) Not So Hollow Farm