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Dark/New Moon + Wood Sheep Year

18.02.2015 in moon&sky

Greetings of New Moon, Pisces and Wood Sheep Year! Many wonders to unfurl.   This Moon is the 5th of five consecutive new Moons at 00 degrees (exact at 1547pst ). Just moments later, this 2nd new Moon of the year in Aquarius shifts into…

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Beauty Focus 5: wholeness

16.02.2015 in reflections

Beauty Focus 5   The almost last sliver Moon greeted the pink dawn sky. Just one day until Moon Dark.   Today I choose the Beauty of whole systems as my focus.   I wonder what new sparkles and whispers may appear deep in the…

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Beauty Focus 4: Lightness

15.02.2015 in reflections

Beauty Focus 4.   A sliver of the waning Moon appeared in the dawn sky and has now vanished in the clear blue sunny day.   It is the releasing time.   I choose as my Beauty focus this day, the Lightness of Being. Air,…

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Beauty Focus 3: Earth

14.02.2015 in reflections

Beauty Focus 3. Moon is less than 25% lit. Time to begin slowly spiraling into the land of Moon Dark, grounding in Earth Truth of you What heart-warm wonders is your spiral walk opening this day?   [Art by Spencer Byles]

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Beauty Focus 2: Fire

13.02.2015 in reflections

Beauty Focus 2   Yesterday I called to the Beauty of deep Water. Today the Moon is in Sagittarius and I attend to the Beauty of Fire: Flame,  Sun and Stars,  the  fuel and substance of Heart Fire. What is your Beauty focus this day…

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