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Waning Moon Half-lit in Virgo

09.12.2017 in moon&sky

Greetings of the Waning Moon Half-lit (exact @2351 PST)  in Virgo   Inner Light   The half-lit waning Moon calls us to pause… and enter into balance, embracing both softness and strength. She invites us to reflect, release, and, with gratitude, prepare to move into…

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Moon full in Gemini

03.12.2017 in moon&sky

Welcome  Moon Full (exact @0747 PST) in Gemini   discern, harmonize, transcend   Today we are bathed by the fullness of the 13th Moon of the year, the Moon of Transformation. Today’s Moon in Gemini is an intense ‘Super Moon’ (due to it’s closeness to…


Waxing Moon Half-lit in Pisces

26.11.2017 in moon&sky

Greetings of the waxing Moon Half-lit (exact @0903 PST) in Pisces   reflection, vision, form   The Sun has now moved out of dark and deep Scorpio into Sagittarius (as of Wednesday). It is a time to broaden our horizons (Merc in Sag too). As…

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Moon Dark-New in Scorpio

18.11.2017 in moon&sky

 Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact @0342 PST)  in Scorpio   renewal, transformation, rebirth   We are well steeped in the Waters this dark Moon. We are called to dive deep, deep, deep into feelings and longings. Called to access what is buried; ignite our passion; and…

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Waning Moon Half-lit in Leo

10.11.2017 in moon&sky

Welcome Waning Moon Half-lit (exact @1236 PST) in Leo.   release, rest, rejuvenate   This cycle has offered challenges to many/most of us. Whether they have been personal, more of the world, or some emotionally affective, interactive combination, the core of us, our values and…

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