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Dark-New Moon & Eclipse

28.04.2014 in moon&sky

Welcome the Dark of the Moon in Taurus (exact at 2314pdt) and a Solar Eclipse tonight (2304pdt). Here in the Northern Hemisphere we won’t see the eclipse but the energy can be strongly felt.   So many I’ve spoken to of late have found the…

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WisdomWild: Letting Go (special message)

22.04.2014 in reflections

Life calls us, requires us, to let go again and again. It is the way of things. An aspect of journeying around the wheel, of each turn of the spiral.   The waning Moon reminds us of this lest we forget. To practice releasing with…

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Earth Day!

22.04.2014 in theme

Today is Earth Day (as is everyday isn’t it?).   A time which calls attention to that which nourishes and supports us; that gives us air and earth and water and fire (energy).   I invite you this day to express your gratitude and joy…

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Waning Moon & in the midst

22.04.2014 in moon&sky

It is the waning Moon, last quarter (this morning just before 1am pdt). We are also in between eclipses, at midpoint, and also at the midpoint of Cardinal Grand Cross unfolding (Apr20-24).   A friend/client shared her experiencing of this time and it is fitting…

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Sacred ACTions

14.04.2014 in wisdom wild

My words today tend to repeat what I have said in other messages this Cycle, a cycle that includes the Cardinal Grand Cross and a solar eclipse at the dark/new moon. It is time to ponder and spend time with self.   Attend to grounding…

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