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Sacred ACTions

14 Apr 2014, by Fiona in wisdom wild

flower_of_lifeMy words today tend to repeat what I have said in other messages this Cycle, a cycle that includes the Cardinal Grand Cross and a solar eclipse at the dark/new moon. It is time to ponder and spend time with self.


    • Attend to grounding in your body and with your connection to Earth


    • Spend time with your inner wisdom.


    • Notice any areas that need integration of opposites.


    • Tune deeply to what you deeply love and desire to bring in. Invite new energies and expand them.


    • Hone your clarity of purpose/intention.


    • Simplify, adjust, modify, release what no longer serves.


    • Consider creating ritual and special peaceful, centered time during the Full Moon.


    • Go slow. Allow bursts of energy to just flow and hold your center.


    • Be open. Notice what inspires and hold that for reflection during the waning Moon.


And, as always,

Nurture your Nature
With Love & Light