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Waxing Moon Half-lit in Taurus

12.02.2019 in moon&sky

Greeting Waxing Moon Half-lit (exact @1426 PST) in Taurus   … simple pleasures … grounded strength & stability   Momentum gathers with the waxing Moon and there may be a sense of increasing urgency to clear the field and get things done (Sun in final degrees Aqua…

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Cross Quarter and New Earth-Boar Year

04.02.2019 in moon&sky

This Cross Quarter (exact last eve, Feb 3, @ 1901pst) marks the midpoint between Solstice and Equinox; it heralds a shift in season and change that is coming soon. Since most things in the natural world reach the peak of their strength in the middle…

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Moon Dark-New in Aquarius

04.02.2019 in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Dark-New (exact @1304 PST) in Aquarius + cross-quarter & new year too   … Activating vision, creativity, confidence & passion   Occurring just hours after the midpoint between Solstice and Equinox, and just hours before new Earth-Boar year, this is a powerful and…

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Waning Moon Half-lit in Scorpio

27.01.2019 in moon&sky

Welcome Waning Moon Half-lit (exact @1310 PST) in Scorpio   … surrender, nourish, restore, transform   Last week’s full blood Moon and eclipse, and the freshness brought by Sun in Aquarius, has likely resulted in much clearing and the consideration of new possibilities; and felt…

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Moon Full in Leo & Lunar Eclipse

20.01.2019 in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Full (exact @2116 PST) in Leo + Sun in Aquarius @0059 PST & Lunar Eclipse max@2112 PST   … release, unleash, empower      radiance, Love & passion   This Super Blood Wolf Moon (1st of 3 in a row) eclipse intensifies and…

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