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Sagittarius Full Moon

12.06.2014 in moon&sky

Greeting of Sagittarius Full Moon (exact 2112 pdt)   The energy is full. Gemini Air fans Sagittarius fire and it is not long until Solstice, the Solar cycle high in the Northern Hemisphere.   A lot of energy, a lot of movement, a lot of…

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WisdomWild: Ocean + Gibbous waxing

08.06.2014 in theme

I reach out to you this day under a waxing Gibbous Moon on a day that lights the need for our awareness, caring, honoring and action for Ocean, my favorite elemental form.   It’s World Ocean Day. This idea was first proposed in 1992 by…

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WisdomWild: Environment

05.06.2014 in theme

This day, June 5th, is World Environment Day.   A day for raising awareness about the environment and to motivate action towards a a more caring, Earth honoring, and greener future.   Wouldn’t it be great if every day was WEDay?   I invite you…

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Moon half lit and waxing

05.06.2014 in moon&sky

Greetings of the Moon half lit (exact 0425h pdt) and waxing.   Energy is full and building. The Moon now waxes and the Sun in northern hemisphere continues to lengthen each day. It is a time of movement and action.   A week ago we…

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WisdomWild: Bee Hums

28.05.2014 in creatures

Dear Honey Bee,   Let me drink the sweet honey of life with you   and fly with wings they call impossible   Like you, let me carry sweet pollen as life blessings to others.   Let the humming purr of wings keep my home…

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