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FirstQ Time for Grace

06.05.2014 in moon&sky

Greetings to you this May 1stQ Moon.   The Moon is half lit and waxing, the 1st Quarter Moon (2015h pdt).   I hope during this past week since the dark/new Moon that you have gathered food for your seeds of intention and spent some…

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Best Wishes of Beltane

30.04.2014 in turnings

It’s Beltane! Halfway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.   Celebrate the fertile ground and the emerging new life in a multitude of forms.   Appreciate the bounty, the beauty, the love, the abundance.   Take account of both that which is…

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Wisdom Wild: Penguin Sweetness & Strength

28.04.2014 in creatures

This week it was Penguin that came courting. Penguin is the deepest diving bird in the world. Given all the deep diving that’s been going on, it is no wonder Penguin should visit. Sweet, gentle, strong. Can stand tall in strong winds. Powerful protector of…

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Dark-New Moon & Eclipse

28.04.2014 in moon&sky

Welcome the Dark of the Moon in Taurus (exact at 2314pdt) and a Solar Eclipse tonight (2304pdt). Here in the Northern Hemisphere we won’t see the eclipse but the energy can be strongly felt.   So many I’ve spoken to of late have found the…

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WisdomWild: Letting Go (special message)

22.04.2014 in reflections

Life calls us, requires us, to let go again and again. It is the way of things. An aspect of journeying around the wheel, of each turn of the spiral.   The waning Moon reminds us of this lest we forget. To practice releasing with…

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