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Last Quarter Moon

21 May 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greetings of the Last Quarter Moon (0559h pdt)

gemini_cosmicPsychic_CROPThe moon is half lit and waning and the sun is in Gemini.


As the moon wanes it is time to gather and store the harvest, and to clear away the chaf.
It is time for reflection. What roots have deepened? What leaves are in bud? What branches have been extended? Time to think gently about the happenings this cycle and begin to prepare for resting.


Yes, the season is in full swing and there is this urging for activity, to be outside, to be active, to be doing. Remember rest too is needed, the resources for the next day, the next cycle.


The energies about continue to be somewhat mixed, and the twins inject another of the ‘dual’ nature that we are seeking to bridge and/or meld. *Note that was ‘dual’ not ‘duel’ despite what may sometimes feel like it’s being called forth ;).


Whether you are (metaphorically) flying or bush-wacking, draw in the company of the Twins in this waning time. Gemini is an air sign, element of thought of mind, so as you reflect on the ‘dual’ message of the Twins, remember to feed and listen to your heart as counter-balance to this energetic urging of the mind.


Draw also on the playfulness and spontaneity of Gemini. As you reflect on the cycle completing, bring humor into your reflections. Allow your reflections to give you some giggles and consider ways to bring more play and humor into your thoughts and activities. Breathe in shape-shifting possibilities. Be open to wisps of new ideas and new ways of communicating.


Move now into the waning, time to review, wrap up and release this cycle to rest.  Soon, as the moon becomes sliver crescent, it will then again be the wishing time. What might you wish for? What ways will you seek to, as always,


Nurture your Nature
with love and light