Wisdom Wild | Moon half lit and waxing


Moon half lit and waxing

05 Jun 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

golden+MoonEAST_P1030665_CROPx385Greetings of the Moon half lit (exact 0425h pdt) and waxing.


Energy is full and building. The Moon now waxes and the Sun in northern hemisphere continues to lengthen each day. It is a time of movement and action.


A week ago we sat under Dark Moon, watching for the sparkles, listening for the whispers, sensing into what wants to be brought out into the light, or called into being and deepened this cycle. As the first thin crescent appeared, it was time to choose and plant the seeds of our intentions.


Now we sit under a half lit and waxing Moon. It is time of the arising. This is the time that our ‘seeds’ send out roots and shoots. A time for much growth. Time to notice and tend to what is arising and forming. Time to be watchful for ‘weeds’ and to filter the waters to ensure intentions can be as clear and pure as possible.


This is the time to spread your wings. Do it now. Stretch your arms out to your sides, above and around you. Feel that space around you. Extend your wings and map another sphere of energetic being all around you.


Imagine the best expression of yourself flowing from you as the moon waxes to full. See yourself in full flight. Feel the wind in your wings. Imagine how your intentions will reverberate with each pulse of your wings. Wonder. Full.


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light.