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Waxing Moon Half-lit in Gemini

14.03.2019 in moon&sky

Greeting Waxing Moon Half-lit (exact @0327 PDT) in Gemini   … Source connection, integration, movement   For so many (myself included) this has been a long and challenging Pisces season. Energy and motivation has been low. The effort required to do anything often has felt…

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Moon Dark-New in Pisces

06.03.2019 in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact @0804 PST) in Pisces   … sensitivity, creativity, Spirit connection    Moon dark calls us inward, into the feminine (+8 planets in fem signs), the deep mystery, and the needs of the heart. In Pisces, sensitivity, compassion, intuition, imagination, creativity and spiritual…

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Waning Moon Half-lit in Sagittarius

26.02.2019 in moon&sky

Greeting Waning Moon Half-lit (exact @0328 PST) in Sagittarius   … reflect, release, nourish, renew.    Waning Moon half-lit calls us to pause in the moment between opposites. It is a time for reflection, and for finding the truth, harmony and balance among ‘opposites’: Light…

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Moon Full in Virgo

19.02.2019 in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Full (exact @0754 PST) in Virgo   … imagination, intuition, clarity, discernment   Today’s Moon is a super Moon and the largest appearing in 2019. Closer to Earth, the pull of the tides is stronger in the seas and in our bodies as well….

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Waxing Moon Half-lit in Taurus

12.02.2019 in moon&sky

Greeting Waxing Moon Half-lit (exact @1426 PST) in Taurus   … simple pleasures … grounded strength & stability   Momentum gathers with the waxing Moon and there may be a sense of increasing urgency to clear the field and get things done (Sun in final degrees Aqua…

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