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Moon Full in Aquarius

15 Aug 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact @ 0529 PDT) in Aquarius


… presence, freedom, heart and mind   


At Moon full it is time to honour and celebrate all that has come into being this cycle. Leo Sun reminds us of the gifts available to us each day and invites us to live from the heart and love large. Aquarius Moon urges us to explore beyond our boundaries and helps us to imagine and move forward into new possibilities. Together Sun and Moon give us the courage (Leo) to trust our instincts and intuition and try something new (Aquarius). At their best they help us to harmonize heart and mind and become the change we want to see.


We are now more able to look at who we are and are encouraged to re-examine and untangle the roots of our stories and beliefs (Uranus now retro). We are called to appreciate and develop our own unique perspectives and qualities (Moon opp Sun, Venus & Mars); and to give them proud expression (Merc now in Cancer). An abundance of Fire energy gives us the passion, energy and motivation (6 planets in Fire signs) to do so and it likely that our thoughts and words will be filled with enthusiasm (Chiron-Merc). Overall the energy is powerfully positive, our self-confidence is increasing, personal magnetism is strong (Sun-Venus), we have staying power (6 planets in fixed signs) and we have increased ability to expand our visions (Jup now direct).


It is time to release whatever pulls us away from self-love and freedom. Time to banish self-doubt. Time to nourish our inner child and tune to heart wisdom. Time to feel Beauty and self-worth. Time to remember and be present to all that delights and brings love and joy. Time to empower our freedom and express the uniqueness of who we are.


In the joining of Fire and Air
weave your heart-truth and all of your prayers


Embrace sensitivity, enhance receptivity
Immerse in radiant Love and creativity


Envision abundance, peace, beauty and unity
Nourish personal and universal harmony


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you feel lovingly radiant, uniquely inspired, &
expansively free this Moon










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