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Moon Full in Pisces

13 Sep 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact @ 2133 PDT) in Pisces


... emotional intensity, self-care, transformation


Wow, whoosh, whoa! … Pause… Now in this moment… Breathe. Ground. Find calm.


Yes, some challenging times. Could be we’re at about the midpoint of a drama. For many, good intentions and plans (Virgo) have been derailed, and triggered emotions (Pisces) scattered or shattered thoughts. Sensitivity to a number of things increases. Memory and reality may seem a bit foggy (Neptune); questions remain unanswered; and the future is uncertain. Heightened emotions stir on multiple fronts, sometimes to the point of overwhelm, breakdown or shutdown (Pisces Moon, Moon-Nep con, peak of TSQ w/ Moon opp Sun, Venus, Merc, Mars).


Hold. Stay calm. Know you are strong. This is not the time to run away or hide, and not the time to be hard on yourself. Remember who you are. This is a time for bravery and time for the Phoenix to rise (middle of Phoenix month). Transformational power is high, as is the potential for change.


Sun illuminates what’s disruptive; Moon dissolves and washes away. Sun wants us to find new perspective; Pisces empowers us to dream new dreams. Gentle and kind, Pisces also heightens our intuition; helps heal and soothe wounded hearts; and re-connects us to our higher purpose. Together Moon and Sun help to join the spiritual/sacred (Pisces Moon) and the practical/mundane (Virgo Sun). Spirit & Earth together as one.


Although we may feel a bit scattered as a result of an abundance of mutable energy about (7/11 planets), when harnessed, this energy provides us with the ability to shift, shape shift (Pisces), and to explore multiple choices and directions. (Be careful though; don’t take on too much). Fortunately there’s also an abundance of feminine energy supporting us (9/11 planets). We are urged to give self care first and primary focus; to set firm boundaries; to tune to both inner wisdom and body wisdom; and to trust ourselves, our intuition, and the Earth-Cosmos.


At Moon Full it is time to stand in the fullness of the Light and feel into all that nourishes. Time to align with Love and Joy and warm hugs and all else that uplifts. Time to honour ourselves and all the way-making we have done. Time to ready ourselves for the waning Moon time and nurture in the feminine deepening.


Ancient strength resides within
Time to treasure your own skin


Flow into the deep Earth of the your inner wisdom
Connect with you and All in the sacred kin-dom


Welcome any surges of emotion
the signs of devotion you have woven


Let the seas wash away any debris
Enter into the freedom to just Be


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you feel into the strength of Earth,
the cleansing blessings of Water,
the warmth and Light of Fire, and
may each breath give you ease this Moon










IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image:  Amphitrite (a Pisces Goddess):  cut & modified img of sculpture. found at Spirit Wrestlers | Fish:  cut & mod img from digital art by ArtMarketJapan found on Fine Art America