Wisdom Wild | Waning Moon Half-lit in Gemini


Waning Moon Half-lit in Gemini

23 Aug 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Waning Moon Half-lit (exact @ 0756 PDT) in Gemini


… reflect, discriminate, release  


The season is changing. We are shifting from the energies of playful, dramatic, pleasure-seeking Leo, to practical, discriminating and results-oriented Virgo. Leo’s gifts of courage and confidence will stand us well in the new Virgo season (Sun in Virgo today). Virgo Sun brings order, discipline, precision, and a pull to plant our roots deep. The last quarter Moon, like Autumn in the solar cycle, says it’s time to drop the leaves that no longer serve, and ready the seeds for the future. Endings and beginnings both. Sun and Moon together help us ground our dreams, bring thought into form, and embrace new paths to creative well-being.


The call to ‘get moving, get busy’ is powerful (Gemini & Virgo influence; they are the two busiest seasons of the year). We are strongly urged to weed out what isn’t necessary and what doesn’t support us (Sun, Venus & Mars all in Virgo and Merc soon); release what is out-dated or otherwise no longer viable (ongoing Saturn-Pluto alignment); and break free (Gemini) of fear, self-doubt and limited perspectives (Saturn-SNode). It’s a time to re-examine our points of view and underlying beliefs; and time to choose and hone those that we want to guide our lives.


Yes, we may feel restless, unsettled or on edge in this time (Saturn-Pluto) but we are not without substantial support. Earth energy provides strong ground (6 planets in Earth signs). Fire energy helps keep us tuned to our passion and motivates us to action (3 planets in Fire). The waning Moon encourages us to move slow and pause often; half-lit she calls us to balance, harmonize and integrate seeming opposites; and, in Gemini, she brings fresh Air, invites us to dance with the winds, and reminds us to breathe. We will find support also for any tasks that require both receptivity and assertiveness (Venus-Mars conjunction tomorrow). Good thing given the times.


This is a time to sift, sort, release, re-organize, and re-orient. Time to pause, rest, and re-balance. Time to tend and care. Time to nourish mind, body and Spirit. Time to ensoul self-love. Time to dream and renew in the feminine deep.


We enter a season of busy and doing
It is also a time for deeply renewing


At waning Moon half-lit, let go and release
Enter into the realms of balance and ease


Time now to shed that which has no place
and rest into the deepening grace


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you deep groundedness,
refreshing release, &
sweet nourishment this Moon










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