Wisdom Wild | Waning Moon & in the midst


Waning Moon & in the midst

22 Apr 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

grand_cross_CROPx385_by_captainjuuIt is the waning Moon, last quarter (this morning just before 1am pdt). We are also in between eclipses, at midpoint, and also at the midpoint of Cardinal Grand Cross unfolding (Apr20-24).


A friend/client shared her experiencing of this time and it is fitting here. “I have this feeling of foreboding and anticipation at the same time.” Yes, that speaks to the energies of this time. I invite you to find the space between; that space between fear and excitement; that space of stillness and wonder in the eye of a storm.


The waning Moon reminds us to release and to move inward and spend time in stillness at the hearth of the heart. A time of transforming. The eclipse time too calls in the wisdom of stillness, for transformation takes place deep within. We already know these times are ones of transformation, for each of us and for us all. The CGC has been energetically calling us to let go, to focus, to shift and to transform; to create the lives we wish to live; to be all and more of who we are meant to be; and to bring into being a world of peace and justice and sustainability.


Move inward and tend the Hearth of your Heart. Release, rest, be still. Create space for the transformation you are calling into being.  And, as always,


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light