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Moon Dark-New in Gemini

04 Jun 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

160604_COMP2-CROP_x385Welcome Moon Dark-New
(exact @ 2000 pdt)  in Gemini

& Mutable Grand Cross/Square too!


. . . . Be mutable & ground firm


Greetings of Moon Dark-New in Gemini, a mutable grand cross, powerful energies, and lots of conjunctions, oppositions and squares (For a ‘shortlist’ see details at end of message.)


Wow! There’s ALOT of mutability energy about right now. Expect change and surprise!


At Moon dark-new our focus is usually on the seeds we wish to plant, and, indeed, seeds are the focus this Moon too BUT now is the time to really ensure the cleaning and clearing has been done first. Time to relook – and really look – at beliefs and thoughts that are held and/or carried within. Not a quick swish about the ‘house;’ really clean and clear the space for Spirit to enter and dance!


Open to the powers of both letting go and claiming. Unpack and set aside assumptions – so many and so often invisible. Invite the possibility of unlearning, relearning and new learning. Open to change, transformation and transcendence. Open to love and grace and freedom (Sun-Moon-Venus conjunction).


And ground. Ground deeply. Ground into the clearest heart-truth of you. Ground with Spirit. Ground with time in Nature. Ground with self-care. Ground with pen, paint, and body. Yes, dream in, but remember, things get ‘dense’ when we work  to ground and manifest our desires. Apply discipline and focus as these are needed amidst the tempest of change and possibility.


We are called to exercise our practice at new levels. To fly high on brilliant wings to the stars, and at the same time, to be firmly grounded and deeply connected to Earth and our Earth forms.


It is time to align self with the wonder of fresh wings. Time to wonder and be in awe. Time to be amazed by beauty and scents and new Moonlight dawning. Breathe deep of Air and feel the container of you ever more expansive. Feel into the unconventional that Gemini loves, and ground the desires. Weave anew.


Into the Mystery
and into new Light
Releasing and fresh claiming
arises from new found insight


Put aside distraction of any kind
whether from world or others or
workings within the Monkey mind


Focus now on what your require
and all to which you clearly and truly aspire


Breathe into the yearning and longing you feel
Look very closely and open all seals
Welcome both tears and what makes your heart sing
Let these be the fuel that now lifts your wings


Reach high to the skies, and deep down into Earth
Time now to nourish and flow into rebirth


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light



Wishing you a cleansing dive and a refreshing ride on new fledged wings!


Shortsheet of happenings – just in case you want to know ;)

A palette of ‘colors’ with which to ‘paint’ this Moon.

• Big energy for change, and heightened creativity and transcendant, transformational powers — Mutable Grand Cross involving Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune

• A focus on wants, needs & change. Love alchemy births freedom; feelings and mindfulness; release & transcend — Sun-Moon-Venus (SMV) conjunct at 14 degrees in Gemini

• Choose love, freedom, & concentrated discipline in Spirit action– SMV OPP Saturn

• Ground the insatiable longing — SMV opp Saturn is SQUARE to the OPP of Jupiter and Neptune

• Discern the truth. Make and take action n decisions about what is to be released and/or ended — Moon SQUARE Jupiter OPP Saturn SQUARE Neptune

• Feel in to the future and open to opportunities & growth — Jupiter SQUARE Moon

• Fueled with confidence in moving forward — Sun SQUARE Jupiter

• Tension and movement in communication; you choose ;) – and remember, tension is what holds things together. — Mercury (Taurus) is OPP Mars (Scorpio)

• Ground, ground, ground — Grand Earth Trine. Yay!

• Draw on Saturn  for accountability and grounding in reality. Learn from Saturn about how to manifest patiently with focussed effort and discipline. — Saturn


IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Sky Background: source N/A | Gods Eye (for Grand Square): Cut from photo at inner compass kids arts & crafts | Winged Figure: Cut and significantly altered & modified from image on seo wallpaper site