Wisdom Wild | Moon full in Sagittarius 1


Moon full in Sagittarius 1

21 May 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

160521_COMP_x800-merge-CROP_x385Welcome Moon Full in Sagittarius
(exact @ 1414 pdt)

in Sagittarius
+ Mars effects and more too!

. . .  Adventure and balance


Wow! Fullness and movements and shiftings called forth this Moon. Big themes activated. Time for many things – and especially grounding, gratitude, and ramping up your balance mojo! Energetic support (and push) is provided for all of this;  and with so many planets in mutable signs, lots of support for change as well.


This Moon Full illuminates many things and there may be pulls in multiple directions. We are also at the peak of snake month so there’s support for quickly changing direction and for shedding old skins. Truth and meaning-seeking Sagittarius calls us to deep presence, broadening our view-space and bringing joy, flexibility and glimpses of what is on the horizon. Keep a discerning eye and be patient:  what is to come will not fully manifest until next Moon full – also in Sagittarius.


There are several conjunctions and oppositions  (a lot of feminine-masculine energy in conjunction and in opposition at this time) and T-square and Grand Trine all in play right now. It’s time to focus on the basics of letting go and being whole:

  • Ground deeply and with gratitude (support from the ongoing Grand Earth Trine again activated this Moon)
  • Tune into deep spirit connection and transcend all that doesn’t serve  (Jupiter Opp Neptune)
  • Turn energy inward and nurture inspiration (Mars Opp Sun and at midpoint of Mars retrograde)
  • Unlock edgy or untouched creativity (Sun Conj Venus)
  • Explore and create resonant partnerships between logic and intuition; between freedom and duty; between the known and the unknown; between yin and yang (Gemini Sun Opp Sag Moon)
  • Invite Sagittarius to broaden your horizons and fine-tune your aim
  • Draw on the powerful energy of Mars (Mars Opp Sun and conjunct Moon) to call forth courage to step into all you desire


Breathe in joy, love, peace and light
Shed old skins and
turn your sights within


Feel into the bursting forth of your heart’s desire
and all that is aligned with your Spirit fire


Celebrate, honor and nourish
your essence, your truth and body-wisdom
Be filled with all you have to share in the Kin-dom.


Seek and tell the truth of your great value and worth
found in the star-crystal note from you to you
holding the Truth from the Cosmos and dear sweet Earth.


Imagine now an expanded and new adventure that you could employ
surrounded by beauty and love and all that brings you delight and joy


Move ahead plus find time in natural space
Feed the fire of your heart-felt truth and your grace


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light



Special Note: Mercury moves direct tomorrow but we’ll still be feeling some of the mercurial effects until Moon new. Go with the flow :)

IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Archer: Cut from photo of Artemis Sculpture | Spectacular Fireworks: source unknown | wings modeled after wings by Mosquitone