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Full Super Moon

10 Aug 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

140810_SuperMoonx385Greetings of  a powerful Full Aquarius Moon! (exact 1109 pdt)


As I look out at my meadow, what has not been cut lies flattened from resting Deer and the sauntering paw of Bear. Figs are ripe juicy and sweet. Mmm…


It is the day of the Full Moon, the second of three super moons in a row, and this one bringing the highest tides as it occurs within the hour of perigee (Moon’s closest pass of Earth). Tides, Moon, emotions full.


Much else is messaging us from the skies as well. We are called to wide vision and new discoveries (Sun & Mercury trine Uranus) and to different points of view (sun, moon, mercury). We are called to healing and embracing difference and deeper truths (alliance of Uranus, Chiron and Saturn) and to rise courageously to meet that challenge. And we are called to both let go and embrace and, thereby, open to new ways of being (Saturn in Scorpio squares sun & moon).


Yes! There is an intensity under this Moon. The Light is bright; the tides are high; emotions are full. It’s as if this time is super-charged. Yes, some at-tention to cleansing emotions is wise at this time. Embrace feelings; it is a time of surprises and breath throughs. Under this Aquarius moon there is the power to change in lightning moments. What lightning bolt of change will you call in to you? Imagine.


Illumination. Increased Insights. Deep Discovery. Amplified energies.


Release to the fire whatever you wish to disintegrate.
Celebrate all that you have gathered from Moon dark and
Honor the seeds you have sown in the Earth of you.
Send your thanks, and blessings out to be carried by the winds
Bathe in an illuminated ocean and be caressed by the flowing tides.

And play Dear Ones!
Play with joyful Leo!
Dance with your shadows
under the bright Light of the Moon
in Wonder and awe




Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


[img credits:
1. Digital comp, Moon photo & fire goddess painting by Fiona-WisdomWild; lioness by Miguel Avarez
2. Shadow dancers: photog unknown]