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Virgo Dark Moon

25 Aug 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

virgo06_X385I have been seeing, feeling and hearing from a lot of folk that the experience of late has been a bit bumpy at times. Computers glitching, websites not functioning or not found, and generally a feeling of being a bit on edge or fuddled. For some there’s the feeling of being blocked or stalled or held back. Un-fun. Others are feeling tired, low on energy. Some are noticing old fears and worries are rising and there’s a feeling of being down, lost, or just not being able to cope. “I just don’t feel like it” or “I just don’t wanna” is part of the energy being expressed recently. Yup, all this reflects some strong energetics of this time.


There’s a lot going on (and a lot of ‘exacts’ today). Yes, there’s some in-tense-city in the cosmos; things may feel a bit challenging at times. Mars conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio today. Insistent Mars and immovable Saturn. Yes, Mars can be aggressive and Saturn can slow things down so be patient, with yourself and with the outside world too. Heed the call to to slow down. And remember, Scorpio draws attention to the dark and the deep. What purr-fect timing. :)


Phoenix_byChibi_VioletEDWelcome the new Moon, Dark today (exact at 0713pdt).


This a healing Virgo new Moon and the beginning of the cycle of the Water Phoenix.

Earth for grounding.

Water Phoenix  for sensitivity, rebirth and the new.


Ah, yes, time to quiet the noise and return to the peace within.


Time to release and surrender to the here and now moment.
Time to return to the inner stillness in the center of the void.
Time to breathe in to the deep Earth ground of you.


Time now to feel the spaciousness and loving support of that place within.
Feel yourself well and gently held as if floating in the warmest of calm seas.


Move slowly and gently with yourself. Take this time to nourish your body and spirit. Let go of whatever needs to be released in order to provide this nurturing time for yourself.


Phoenix_iceOver the next few days as the Moon light appears, I invite you to wonder about new healing ways you might draw to yourself this cycle. (We will have support later in the week from a Grand Cross (Juno-Vesta-Saturn-Chiron) with all planets in Water). And considering Mars-Saturn, what innovations might you call to you to bring balance, find center, or integrate the energies of insistency (Mars) and immovability (Saturn).


What is it you wish to bring into being? What would like to be reborn like the Phoenix? Wonder…


I invite you to choose/ create for yourself a new kind of ‘energetic marker’ for this cycle. Something that will, as always,


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


[image credits: Phoenix in flight by ChibiViolet; others unknown ]