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Waning Moon

17 Aug 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

140817_LastQ x385Greetings of the Waning Moon (exact at 0536 pdt)


Here the Moon rose and set early this day. Moon half lit and waning.


During the Super Moon I imagine that your worlds have been full, and the Full Moon energies have moved you along swimmingly.


Now the Moon is half lit and waning.


Time to pause, to slow, to reflect and to re-balance.


What has filled you this Super Moon? Slow down and reflect on what has drawn your attention. What is engaging your energy, your head, heart and hands? What has been harvested?


It is time to ponder.


Sit silently and breathe refreshingly deep and make space for this inquiry. Notice what answers arise.


Be gentle and compassionate in your inquiry. Feel into the grace of you and appreciate what is. Let go of old stories and beliefs the mind can spin.


Draw on the energy of Sun, Venus and Jupiter, all in Leo, powering us with courage, kindness and generosity. Gift yourself with all of this.!


Yes, it is a cleansing & nourishing time for mind, body, heart and spirit.


Breathe in and out a Lightness of Being. Move slow, take rest. It is time again to prepare for Moon dark and new birth. Time to curl up with the Heart Truth of you and sink into to deep, nourishing, inner wisdom.


In the stillness, in the center, balance, wholeness, rest.


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


[image credits: dig compile by WisdomWild from 2 images (photographer unknown) & moon by WisdomWild]