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WisdomWild: Eagle & Dove

14 Apr 2014, by Fiona in creatures

dove+eagle_CUTThis is the time of the Eagle and Dove in union with one another; of love and will with common purpose. Victor Kahn‘s words capture this well:


It’s not what you do, but what you think…
the concept of purpose is the found missing link.
Look toward the future is a place in your mind,
that attracts what is ready to be born into time.


Find what’s important to prepare for the ride,
the Yin and the Yang of something inside.
Thought is like magic ~ Life is the blur,
a mind bending concept that’s meant to occur.


Seeing the picture of how life it just flows,
the balance and harmony we must all undergo.
Eye of the eagle with the heart of a dove,
opposite forces of the Power of Love.

*Victor has also created a beautiful companion image (check it out)

So how will Eagle & Dove guide you to…


Nurture your Nature

With Love & Light