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WisdomWild: Birds of Paradise

07 Apr 2014, by Fiona in creatures

WisdomWild: Birds of Paradise


Over the past few days the Bird of Paradise flower has come to me in visions and in dreams. A flower of freedom, joy and, of course, paradise. I love how magic is and serendipity appears!


The flower led me to reflect, sketch and then on to research. In the process of researching, a post from Cornell caught my eye (I worked there awhile which is why it drew my attention). I pursued even knowing it may lead me from the focus of the research. And so it did and delightfully so! I discovered the Birds of Paradise ProjectDo take a looksee!) More of Paradise revealed!


And Magic was not yet done. Just a couple of hours later a new sister/friend contacted me out of the blue; turns out she was just writing about Bird of Paradise that morning too! A strong calling indeed!




Oh Birds of Paradise of Earth & Sky
May we express Freedom and Joy as you do in Flower;
Shape-shift and Transform into astounding Wonders
as do you on ground and in air
May we trace and embrace Paradise
in our Hearts and in manifest forms
Whether upright, upside down or in between
Now is the time.

This is indeed the call of our times. Time to find and express freedom, joy, and wonder. Time to seek and manifest paradise of peace, justice and sustainability and all that serves the greatest good for all in the Kin-dom. Time to choose to seek deeply and manifest expansively Dear Hearts.


Time to sing out, spread our wings and soar!


With love and wonder
Nurture your Nature
Wisdom Wild